Bars in Kenya Re-opened

The prohibition against the operation of bars and sale of alcoholic drinks by ordinary restaurants and eateries has been lifted effective Tuesday, September 29.
Kenya’s Head of State President Uhuru Kenyatta allowed the reopening of bars and other liquor stores on condition that they close by 10 pm and adhere strictly to the COVID-19 containment measures.
“Mnaweza kukunywa pombe, sasa (you can now consume alcohol),” the President teasingly said, while underlining the need for Kenyans observing the preventive measures issued by the government.
Bars and liquor stores were among the sectors hardest hit by the restriction leading to wide-scale layoffs and invocation of unpaid leave.
President Kenyatta however urged for caution while stressing on the need to exercise personal responsibility particularly in adhering to safety protocols outlined by the health ministry.
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