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FKF Elections

Communications Guru to Midwife FKF Elections



A communications expert and Kenyan Premier League (KPL) side Wazito FC former chairperson Kentice Tikolo brings her wealth of experience in chairing the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Electoral board.

Kentice wife to the first indigenous Kenyan to chair the Nairobi Provincial Cricket Association (NPCA) has over 20 years’ experience in Strategic Corporate Communications and Public Relations, having grown through the ranks, from a public relations officer to Head of Corporate Communications for a large state corporation, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

“I feel privileged and honoured by the confidence bestowed on me by my colleagues in the board by vesting me with this responsibility as the chairman of the FKF Electoral Board. I say thank you and promise not to disapoint,” she said.

She says from her experience she wants to deliver a credible electoral where the voices of the football stakeholders and family will be heard in choosing the leaders of their choice.

Kentice led Wazito FC into Kenya Premier League promotion in 2018 and onto strategic sponsorship before it reverted to new ownership by Badoer Investments Chief Executive Officer (Ceo) and founder Ricardo Badoer in 2019.

Kentice apart from leading a football club has nurtured his son Jefrey Tikolo into a promising footballer, who has the record of scoring the fastest FKF Cup fastest goal by netting in the3rd minute for Tandaza to edge out the 2009 finalists Congo Boys 1-0 away in Mombasa on January 19th.

Kentice is a former Chairman of the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK), and Africa’s representative on the board of the Global Alliance for PR & Communication Management.

In Kenya’s 2013 and 2017 general elections, she was the UWIANO Platform communication specialist, in which she developed, oversaw implementation and management of the platform’s communication strategy.

UWIANO Platform’s members were IGAD’s CEWARN Conflict Early Warning and Early Response Unit (CEWERU), the National Steering Committee on Peace Building and Conflict Management (NSC).

Other members included the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), PeaceNet Kenya, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEBC), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Women (UN Women).

Kentice conceptualised and implemented the first edition of Beyond Zero and the First Lady’s Half Marathon in 2014, which is an event for a charitable course.

As the Managing Director and Founder of Impact Africa Limited (IAL), a strategic PR & Communication company, she has been able to support various social impact initiatives.

They include the development of Kenya’s Highway Code, New Drivers’ Curriculum and Handbooks – for the National Transport Safety Authority; Management of Aflatoxin, for the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA); the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM, for NEMA), among several others.

Kentice has supported large international organisations and governments in developing communication strategies, using innovative tools.

In 2011, she was the Deputy Director; Operations for UNICEF in Addis Ababa, where she was contracted to manage the 16th International Conference on AIDS & STIs in Africa (ICASA), a USD 9.2 million event that hosted just over 10,000 participants.

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FKF Elections

Alila’s FKF Administration to Rejuvenate Beach Soccer and Futsal




In Brazil, footballers begin playing on the beach, before moving on to futsal and then grass to international stardom and no wonder the South American nation produces world’s best players and hold the record of winning the most World Cups,” remarked Football Kenya Federation (FKF) presidential candidate Tom Alila.

Alila in his manifesto will rejuvenating prioritise beach soccer and futsal (football that is played on a hard-court) as it has been neglected and not accorded the seriousness that they deserve.

Alila said beach soccer and Futsal can create more football playing opportunities and create alternative means of playing the popular sport as regular football has been flooded by many players.

Alila said beach soccer is also good for regular football preparations as football stars, as well as many other sportsmen and sportswomen take the best advantage of the benefits of the beach for their physical preparation. As experts point, the beach sand is an ideal surface to reinforce articulations and recover from joint injuries thanks to its instability and irregularity.

“Beach soccer is an extremely beneficial sport. Just like regular soccer, it gets your legs moving and sets your blood pressure at a good level. Playing on the sand gets your body moving in more difficult ways, which will increase a player’s physical condition. Plus, sand is a great shock absorber, which means no injuries for the player’s body,” he said.

He said even though the current federation has worked to bring back Beach soccer in the country but it has not done enough as it has been reduced to be played on a tournament basis.

“I will start a league that runs throughout the year. Encourage corporate and counties especially at the Coastal and lakeside region to adopt the sport and field teams from their areas,” he said.

Alila said since Beach soccer is mostly played by the ocean or at the lake side where there’s plenty of sand, his administration will collaborate with the various county governments which are based around these areas to construct beach soccer stadiums for play.


“Players from the Coast and the Lake region can take advantage of their proximity to sandy beaches to nurture and harness their talents as they seek an alternative way of playing football and hence earn from the sport,” he said.

Alila said if elected he will propose to Sports Kenya and the county governments to convert basketball, volleyball courts and gymnasiums for futsal playing purposes and encourage stakeholders to starts, futsal teams.

“I will support the formation of a body to run beach soccer and futsal and adopt them as members of Football Kenya Federation (FKF) where they also sit at the AGM and have voting rights just like the Players, Coaches and Referees Associations,” he said.

The participation of internationally renowned players such as flamboyant, four times English Premier League (EPL) winner with Manchester United Frenchman Eric Cantona Brazilians, Romario winner of 1994 World Cup and best player, 1985 Italian Serie A best player, 1981 Intercontinental Cup Most Valuable Player Zico has helped to expand television coverage to large audiences in over 170 countries worldwide.

Others are Spanish duo of Michel a six times Spanish league winner with Real Madrid and 1986 La Liga Spanish player of the year, Julio Salinas who won the Uefa Cup Winners Cup and European Cup with FC Barcelona

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FKF Elections

FKF Coast Supremo Gabriel Mghendi Rubbishes Mombasa County Football Association



Football Kenya Federation (FKF) South Coast chairman Gabriel Mghendi has dismissed the newly registered Mombasa County Football Association (MCFA) as a non-starter.

The association, which was earlier this week registered as a County Sports Association by the Sports Registrar, Rose Wasike, is led by among others, Ally Goshi who earlier last year saw his bid to oust Mghendi as the Mombasa County Chairman thwarted by former Harambee Starlets midfielder Lillian Nandudu.

Mghendi asserted that as the duly elected football leaders at the coast they do not recognize the new outfit as members of Football Kenya Federation, saying its more or less a welfare group or a social grouping but not a regional football regulatory body.


“Mombasa falls under my FKF South Coast Branch jurisdiction. I can authoritatively say that our members are focussed to our course and that there is no parallel football administration,” he asserted.

“That County Football Association is more of a welfare group for election losers, and suspended officials who are seeking refuge and relevance through the backdoor even if it means leading a ghost or non-existent organization,” he added.

Mghendi will be looking to clinch the FKF Coast National Executive Committee position in the forthcoming national elections.

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FKF Elections

FKF Presidential Candidate Tom Alila Calls for August Polls




Football Kenya Federation (FKF) presidential candidate Tom Onyango Alila has called for the federation’s much anticipated polls to be held in August.

Alila who once served as the FKF executive as the NEC Nyanza
representative said the elections were long overdue and should be held
before the kick-off of leagues expected to take place in September.

Alila said he was against a repeat of the branch polls saying the
elections were credible and the officials were elected in accordance
with the 2017 FKF Constitution which the Sports Disputes Tribunal
(SDT) recommended and recognizes.

He said the elections of the sub branches should be conducted after
the national polls as it was costly and time wasting in engaging the
270 constituencies which are basis upon the sub branches have been

He asked other candidates aspiring for the presidency and various NEC
posts to hit the ground running by soliciting for votes from the
delegates including the branch officials.

“Candidates should venture into a vote hunting mission amongst the 96
delegates who are known to all of us instead of engaging in sideshows
and press wars,” he said.

Alila called on aspirants to be objective and campaign basing on their
manifestos and policies instead of engaging in slur, mudslinging and
name calling for mature campaigns.

He advised candidates hanging on the incumbent Nick Mwendwa’s coat not
to sit pretty and wait to get elected basing on Nick’s name but
campaign by selling their policies.

“Delegates should not be viewed or misconstrued as voting machines
where they will be expected to vote blindly basing on the camp a
candidate belongs to. They need to be respected by candidates seeking
for the votes through their vision and mission for football in Kenya,”
said Alila.

Alila asked Mwendwa to convene an urgent stakeholders meeting to
discuss and come up with an electoral code that will ensure free and
fair elections.

He asked the FKF Electoral Board to review the electoral code so that
many candidates especially at the national level are not locked out of the contest.

“The Electoral board should review the issue of endorsements which had
many being locked out and the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) whereby
during this time of COVID-19 it has been hard for individuals to
service their loans due to the hard economic times,” he said.

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