FKF Coast Supremo Mghendi Rubbishes Mombasa County Football Association

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) South Coast chairman Gabriel Mghendi has dismissed disowned the newly registered Mombasa County Football Association (MCFA) as a non-starter.

Mghendi said as the duly elected football leaders at the coast they do not recognize the new outfit saying its more or less a welfare group or a social grouping but not as a regional soccer regulatory body.

Mghendi who is eyeing the FKF Coast region National Executive Committee (NEC) representative post in the forthcoming federation’s elections said the Mombasa County Football Association is an illegal organization as it was not registered in accordance with FKF constitution.

“Mombasa falls under my FKF South Coast jurisdiction which i chair, and therefore am authoritatively stating there’s no parrallel football administration and Mombasa county is chaired by Lilliian Nandudu,” he asserted.

Mghendi the Mombasa County Football Association (MCFA) is a welfare group for election losers, former and suspended officials who are seeking refuge and relevance through the backdoor even if it means leading a ghost or non-existent organization.

” Goshi Ali who was suspended in 2017 by the federation’s South Coast branch for participating in the unsanctioned Extreme Sports organized tournament but in the spirit of inclusivity was allowed to contest in the last FKF Mombasa county elections but lost to the outgoing South Coast branch Secretary Lilian Nandundu’ twice,” said Mghendi.

He added:”This group is out to cause confusion while seeking for attention. I ask football stakeholders in Mombasa to treat them with a pinch of salt as they are jokers with nothing to offer”