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FKF Elections

Harambee Starlets Midfielder Eyeing FKF Mombasa Chairmanship



A classic dribbler in her hey playing days, Kenya’s ex international Lillian Nandudu is set to translate her soccer artistry by dribbling her way to the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Mombasa County top leadership.

Nandudu who is the outgoing FKF South Coast branch secretary is not deterred and intimidated by her young age and gender as the only female in the Mombasa County chairmanship contest as she battles Goshi Alliy and Alamin Abdallah.

She has served the coastal region for two terms and now with the blessings of the outgoing South Coast Gabriel Mgendi, Nandudu is eyeing the plum post of being the Mombasa County football supremo.

The retired player expressed her seriousness by handing in her nomination papers to the FKF Electoral Board seeking for the federation’s Coast branch chairmanship.

“I am serious about vying for the post. I presented my documents to the board and were well received after they found that I meet the requirements. Am ready for the battle,” said Nandudu in an interview at the Fifa Goal Project FKF House.

Nandudu who hanged her boots in 2006 after playing against Cameroon opted not to work as a technical official like most of her teammates to opt to serve in football administration and follow in the footsteps of her role model the current FKF Vice President Doris Petra in management.

In 2011, she was elected as the FKF Mombasa sub branch women representative and then four months into office got elevated to the chairmanship after clubs passed a vote of no confidence in its chairman Ali Hasan Tito.
Nandudu a star midfielder, made her way to the branch leadership in 2015 by giving Fifa referee Evans Mwachia marching orders by beating the whistler to become the South Coast branch secretary.

Nandudu asked the electorate to vote her in as she has the experience of running football and is knowledgeable about the terrain in Mombasa to be able face its challenges.

She exuded her confidence in annihilating her opponents and threw her back behind the re-election of the incumbent president Nick Mwendwa.

The FKF South Coast chairman Gabriel Mgendi endorsed Nandudu’s candidature for the post saying by having worked with her at the sub branch and branch levels, said she has past the leadership credentials to be entrusted with the job.

“Now that am going for the Coast FKF Nec representative post I know that Nandudu is the best individual that I can work in addressing challenges facing the coastal region and improving its soccer standards. Voting for Nandudu is voting for football prosperity in Mombasa,” said Mgendi.

Nandudu presented her papers when aspirants from Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale, and Taita Taveta counties have submitted their nomination forms to the FKF Electoral Board ahead of the upcoming elections.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Football lover

    October 17, 2019 at 2:15 am

    Oh yes Nandudu has all it takes to lead football in Coast. Indeed she is ripe for the post. Wish her all the best.

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FKF Elections

FKF South Coast Rubbishes Mombasa Meeting as Illegal



FKF South Coast branch Chairman, Gabriel Mghendi

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) South Coast branch has dismissed a meeting convened by rebel soccer administrators in Mombasa over the forthcoming FKF elections.

The FKF South Coast chairman Gabriel Mghendi said the resolutions passed in the meeting were null and avoid, not binding as it was convened unprocedurally.

Mghendi said the federation’s branches and affiliates were the only ones that were mandated by the national office to organize public participation forums over the 2020 FKF elections electoral code and not any other individual or body.

“As a branch we convened a public participation as directed by the national office, where we openly invited all the stakeholders from the region but they never turned up, only to regroup later and convene an illegal meeting,” he said.

Mghendi said the process of public participation at the coast was over and for those who did not participate its now too late adding that those who participate gave the region good representation.

The chairman said they have already filed their returns of the proceedings minutes to the national office awaiting perusal and approval by the FKF National Executive Committee (NEC).

He said the meeting was illegal and can only be termed to have been a meeting of friends meeting to socialize informally.

The chairman termed the group as busy bodies who have got nothing to offer but out to cause unrest to be absorbed in a ‘nusu mkate’ power sharing deal.

“Most of those in that meeting are election losers who are seeking to make a return to football management through the back door.

On Saturday, January 4th, a group of administrators including former Kenya Football Federation (KFF) vice chairman Twaha Mbarak, coach Mohammed Kheri, Kenya Football Coaches Association (KEFOCA) chairman Ricky Solomon and the Suspended FKF Mombasa sub branch chairman Goshi Juma Ali among others.

They claimed to have had a stakeholders meeting on the proposed FKF 2020 electoral code and made recommendations which will be presented to the federation’s national office and local branch.

On December 7th, 2019, the FKF national office issued notices to all its members to hold engagement meetings aimed at deliberating on the 2019/2020 FKF electoral Code in compliance with orders issued by the Sports Disputes Tribunal over public participation.

The notices were issued in a letter addressed to 20 FKF branches, 18 Kenyan Premier League Clubs, 8 FKF National Super League Clubs, 8 Division One League Clubs, One Women Premier League Club and One representative each from the Kenyan footballers, referees, and coaches’ associations.

The branches will be required to send back minutes of their deliberations on or before January 8th, 2020, to FKF Secretary General, to be forwarded to the federation’s NEC for discussions.

Thereafter, FKF executive shall discuss the recommendations by the members and then issue notices for a Special General Meeting (SGM) to ventilate and pass the electoral code to pave way for the repeat elections.

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FKF Elections

Deputy Speaker Calls for Nyamweya’s Retirement



Elias Murega MCA Municipality ward - Meru Town

The Meru County Assembly deputy Speaker Elias Murega has called on former Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Sam Keengu Nyamweya to retire from soccer.

Speaking in his capacity as the FKF Meru Central sub branch chairman, said Nyamweya has been caught up by his advanced age and should leave the soccer stage to fresh blood.

“Nyamweya has been in football administration politics for over 20 years and should be turning into his 70s, there’s nothing new he can offer as he has outlived his usefulness. I therefore call on him to retire gracefully from soccer as an elder,” he said.

Murega who is the Municipality ward Member of County Asssembly (MCA) made the remarks during the federation’s Eastern branch FKF 2020 electoral code public participation in Meru town.

“I want to tell Nyamweya that when your personal interests cannot supercede the interests of the public and football stakeholders, the time has come for me to tell you to retire completely from soccer,” Murega asserted.

Murega said he was youth by the fact he was less than 35 years and was not eyeing any top post in the FKF National Executive Committee (NEC) and wondered why Nyamweya who is over 70 was seeking to achieve in football administration.

The deputy Speaker advised the ‘ageing’ Nyamweya to call it a day and leave football leadership to his grandsons to compete for soccer posts as his time was over and should pass the baton to the younger generation.

Murega said the best role that Nyamweya could play was sitting in the stadium terraces as a football fan enjoying watching and cheering the beautiful game of football as his time navigate the sport was over.

“After Nyamweya’stime ouster from football through the ballot in 2016 we have seen light but during his time in office it was shrouded with darkness due to inept leadership and should therefore give Kenyans a break by packing his bags and go for good,” ordered the law maker.

Murega rued at the missed opportunities by talented Kenyan footballers in furthering their careers in the paid ranks overseas due to a poor foundation laid by Nyamweya’s earlier administration.

“If Nyamweya could have put in place sound football structures during his leadership heydays, as a young footballer I could have been pursuing a professional football career abroad in which I would be a role model to upcoming footballers at the grasroot but unfortunately there’s nothing to show off because of his poor administration,” he said.

Murega was reacting to Nyamweya’s ambitions of making a comeback in football administration where in the recent past indicated about his interest of vyeing for the FKF presidency.

Nyamweya leading a lobby called FKF presidential hopefuls which include former Vihiga County Governor Pastor Moses Akaranga and ex Kenyan Premier League (KPL) side AFC Leopards chairman Alex Ole Magelo challenged in court the federation’s initial elections which were to be held on December 7th, 2019.

The Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) granted Nyamweya and his ilk their prayers of nullifying the elections and electoral process, ordering for fresh elections.

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FKF Elections

South Coast Endorse FKF Electoral Code as Branches Complete Process



Football Kenya Federation (FKF) South Coast branch has endorsed the draft electoral code in totality as the all the federation’s branches completed the public participation process.

The branch chaired by Gabriel Mghendi convened the over 100 football stakeholders at the Royal Court Hotel in Mombasa were unanimous about their satisfaction with the draft electoral code.

During the session, Mghendi took the stakeholders through the process as FKF South Coast secretary Lilian Nandudu was taking the minutes as per the directive issued by the FKF headquarters.

“Nobody was coerced into endorsing the draft as the process was open and transparent. The stakeholders gave their input as we brainstormed the document as our branch secretary took the minutes of the proceedings,” said Mghendi.

Mghendi said nobody was left out as the branch issued open invites to anybody interested in participating in the public forum a process he termed as successful.

The chairman who is eyeing the FKF Coast National Executive Committee (NEC) representative post asked Kenyans to be patient as the process towards holding the FKF polls was taking shape with the public participation forums.

Mghendi hailed the national office for upholding the rule of law by respecting orders by the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) and as grassroot leaders were happy with FKF’s move to implement the orders to the latter.

He said the complainants led by former FKF president Sam Nyamweya who filed the a case in court expressing their dissatisfaction with the electoral process were satisfied with the ongoing process as so far they have not been heard complaining about it.

In Garissa, stakeholders in North Eastern turned up at Tana Garden Hotel to give their input on the draft in a meeting chaired by the branch chairman Abdullahi Salat.

The stakeholders in north eastern suggested for the nomination fees for candidates seeking for various FKF posts be revised even though they largely endorsed the document.

Motown FC chairman Ahmad Dabbar aka Kado said as a stakeholder in North Eastern was satisfied with the way the process was carried out in the region.

“The way our FKF North Eastern branch conducted the process was above board. They mobilized us was open and made sure we all got word on the date and venue of the public forum and they took into account our contributions by each giving every each of us to contribute,” he said

He added:”Niko na imani tumewakilishwa vizuri na maoni yetu yatafikishwa yanapotakikana ili tuwe na uchaguzi ulio huru.”

All the FKF branches have confirmed finishing the process within the stipulated time set by the national office and will submit their minutes which contain recommendations on the draft to the federation’s Secretary General.

In a notice issued by FKF to branches they were asked to hold public participation forums where whose proceedings will be minuted and then must be submitted to the federation’s acting Secretary General Barry Otieno not later than January 8th, 2020.

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