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Kaberia Plotting Mwendwa’s Arrest in Revenge Attack



A blog by Twiga News about the imminent arrest of Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa has hit the headlines on social media amongst the top trending stories.

This was a confirmation of a plot revenge action hatched by the Ministry of Sports Principle Secretary Kirimi Kaberia to fix Mwendwa for defying him and alleged disrespect.

Kaberia who felt short changed by FKF over the 2019 African Cup of Nations (Afcon) cut is out to teach Kenya’s football chief by using government machinery and media to discredit Mwendwa through blackmail and intimidation.

After the 2019 Afcon championship, the PS had resorted of using his influence and office in government to frustrate the football federation through chocking by it’s funding for international and continental assignments as an initial measure of frustrating FKF.

Kaberia wanted to whip emotions of football stakeholders against Mwendwa in the name of not being accountable for the Ksh244 million advanced by the government through the National Sports Fund.

Kaberia was outmaneuvered by Mwendwa who let the cat out of the bag by accusing the PS for being the stumbling block over the funding for the national women’s football team Harambee Starlets 2020 Tokyo Olympic qualifications and their male counterparts Harambee Stars 2021 Cameroon Afcon qualifiers.

On the same day, Mwendwa addressed the press over the impasse, in a rejoinder, Kaberia in a media briefing in his office, he accussed the FKF supremo of being thankless to the Government’s efforts of financing football.

After the debacle, according to sources, Kaberia held a secret meeting with his gang and brainstormed on how Mwendwa can be tamed and disgraced.

In their strategy, the group decided to have the PS issue a notice to the federation to account for the Sh244 million by presenting a report and specific documents on November 11, 2019.

It was agreed that in the run upto to that date, they use propaganda by compromising Kenya’s media to publish stories implicating FKF to having embezzled the Afcon funds by taking joyriders to Cairo to whip emotions.

In the strategy, the mainstream media was to sustain that media war by punching holes into the FKF Afcon report by implicating the federation in the malpractice.

In the plan, it was to start by members of the media going and scrutinise the Afcon 2019 report at the FKF Kandanda House headquarters the FKF Secretariat and deliberately punching holes by questioning the report.

At the behest of the PS, Kaberia was to deal with government friendly and leaning reporters in order influence them to publish stories against the local governing football body FKF.

That gave to the emergence of a story of alleged joyriders making the Cairo trip to kick off the allegations against FKF.

On the second day of the allegations in the media, an analysis of how Harambee Stars received only 25 percent of the 244 million Afcon funds.

On the third day, it was the coverage, by Cameroonian national Joe Kamga, the man tasked with spending almost half of the Sh244 million the government set aside for Harambee Stars preparations at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, Nation Sport claiming that he is nowhere to be found to account for the Afcon money.

The next step was to use senior Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officials from his Meru backyard to conduct investigations with a view of fixing Mwendwa by preferring corruption charges against him with a view of curtailing his re-election bid as the FKF president for the national polls scheduled for December 7th.

The process went on as planned by the PS issuing a November 11th notice for FKF to present the Afcon 2019 report to the National Sports Fund and CID officers raiding the FKF headquarters for evidence.

On November 10th, a day before, the orders of issuing the report by the PS, a negative story against the federation about the alleged Afcon scam was published in a leading media house.

Kaberia issued the orders for accounting, after a letter written by the FKF acting Ceo Barry Otieno whose reference is Afcon (Egypt) 2019 Accountability of Ksh244 million addressed to Kaberia dated August 8, 2019 and copied to the National Sports Fund Chief Executive was received by the PS on August 9.

In the script, Kaberia was to pretend he was raising the queries based on an independent audit by the Kenyan media to provoke the Government’s action and precipitate curiosity from members of the public.

The media reports were to be used as a justification and an excuse for the CID officers to crackdown and descend on the federation’s offices in the name of carrying out investigations.

The PS decided to fire the first salvo at FKF by demanding for the report which had been presented and received by him four months earlier.

Before the federation protested about it’s mistreatment over funding for the Harambee Starlets by the Sports ministry through Kaberia, the PS had never questioned the report.

The second step, he invited sports editors in his office to solicit their support against his sworn enemy Nick Mwendwa by using their editorial space in painting him as corrupt and inept.

During the meeting with editors, Kaberia was advised against appearing on live TV and radio interviews because he might be at pains to justify claims against Mwendwa but confine himself to print media interviews where his statements will be polished before being published.

In the tactic, it was hoped that Mwendwa will be invited in the electronic media live where he will witness hostility from the infuriated Kenyan media and be unable to defend himself where unfortunately to them the FKF president was able to clear the air.

As it stands now the PS wants to use Mwendwa as a case study and a strong message to federation’s that defy his directives and don’t toe his line of what will befell them.

Kaberia intends to manifest to an African saying that “You can not compete in excreting with an elephant, as a sign of power basing on his influence in the government as a senior officer.

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Raila Presides Opening of Chungwa House



The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) today launched its new headquarters in Lavington, Nairobi known as Chungwa House.

Chungwa house is estimated to have cost taxpayers KES 180 Million. It is accessible to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) through ramps installed on entry and exit points.

The party also revealed its new digital membership registration programme.

New party members were welcomed by the ODM party leader Right Hon Raila Omollo Odinga. Notable among them include former nominated senator Paul Njoroge from Nakuru.

ODM was hosted at Orange house for the last 12 years .The house which is owned by Caroli Omondi, a former aide to Rt Raila.

Caroli had in 2018 declined to renew their lease prompting the party to buy Chungwa house.

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Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi overseeing the enrollment of 200 elderly people to NHIF at Bohra Primary on Tuesday,November 18, 2019.

200 elderly people from Westlands have been enrolled in the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) scheme facilitated by Westlands NG CDF to the tune of KES 3.6 Million in a function held at Bohra Road Primary school in Parklands.

Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi who oversaw the process said that the elderly have have been going through a lot of difficulties in accessing proper healthcare services hence the reason to put them under the medical cover.

“Many of you have previously been disregarded,that is the reason we are paying for your medical care.As people age they become more susceptible to disease and disability.You should not be worried any more since NHIF will bear the full cost of your medical care,” said the soft spoken legislator.

The MP added that they will pay the medical care for the 200 elderly people for a period of three years.

Beneficiaries are guaranteed of outpatient services of consultation, investigation, dispensation and drug rehabilitation.

Other benefits include cover for minor and major surgical procedures at KES 130,000;specialised surgery at KES 500,000; dialysis weekly package for two sessions at KES 19,000, radiotherapy at KES 85,000, chemotherapy 1st line at KES 130,000; 2nd line and 3rd line at KES 625,000; city scan at KES 8,000 and MRI at KES 15,000.

The NHIF super cover caters for all inpatient costs in government facility with part payment in mission hospitals. It pays a rebate of KES 4,000 for patients hospitalized in private facilities.

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The glorious hour of Brexit




Three years ago, with the referendum of June 23, 2016, the British people decided with a percentage of almost 52% and with 71.8% participation the exit of Great Britain from the European Union. This great result was undoubtedly the first major, painful defeat for the under German-controlled European Union of banks and multinationals.

However, the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, which was scheduled to take place on 29 March 2019, given the fact that exactly two years before had been activated the article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, which allows members-states to leave the union, ultimately it did not happen because of a failure to reach an agreement with the Brussels establishment. And no agreement was reached because of the arrogant intransigence of the Brussels conclave, which is trying with abundant overweening to humiliate Great Britain and thus use it as a scarecrow to other countries wishing to escape the German prison of the European Union.

According to statements by new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Brexit will happen definitively on October 31, 2019, either with an agreement or without an agreement. And this because an irregular Brexit is preferable to a bad deal that will obviously work against Great Britain and the British people. At the same time, this act of exit, which will liberate Great Britain from the shackles of the European Union, shows, on the one hand, full respect for the will of the British people and on the other hand conflicts with those who are trying in various ways to delay or even cancel the proud Brexit.

It is more than certain that with Brexit is not going to be the end of the world for Great Britain as it did not happen when it chose to stay out of the eurozone. And, as eminent experts say, the British economy after a short problematic period will be significantly strengthened from a competitive point of view. So there is no doubt for any perspicacious observer and analyst that in the medium and long term, Great Britain, which will fully regain the ability to pursue national policy in all areas, will prosper out of an undemocratic and highly bureaucratic plan in which Germany has a dominant role.

However, the supporters of the stay of Great Britain in the European Union essentially want the British people’s will to be annulled and the referendum thrown into the trash following the result of which did not cause any immediate economic crisis as they were warning. So they are constantly sowing terror, assuring that the consequences of Brexit without a deal will be nightmarish and chaotic, much worse than even Hitler’s bombs. So they are talking about developments and events that will even endanger the same the unity of the country, huge deficits in food, medicine and fuel that will lead the British to rush like the crazy people to supermarkets, gas stations and pharmacies, “blackout” at ports and airports of the country, destruction of British businesses, decisive blows to the exports and the financial sector, particularly negative impacts on the tourism industry that will transform travel plans millions of people in a hell of delays, cancellations and bureaucracy etc.

But all this logically will not be the case because the responsible government of Boris Johnson for the future of the British economy and the British people, I believe it will take the appropriate measures with prudent and decisive action, drawing up a well-coordinated exit plan that will minimize any negative effects of Brexit. This is also confirmed by the statements made on 1 August 2019 by the Minister of Finance of Great Britain Sajid Javid: “Our economy is fundamentally strong, so today we can make many choices. We can choose to both invest in our schools, our hospitals, our fantastic police, for example, but we can also prepare to exit the EU. And, if that means leaving with no deal, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

At the same time, Brexit will not only have negative impacts on Great Britain, but also on the European Union. Brexit undoubtedly threatens the unity of the union and creates an example of secession that other countries are likely to follow in the future (Domino Effect), while the lack of Great Britain financial contribution (around ten billion annually) will significantly affect the community budget. At the same time the Great Britain’s major trading partners (Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Belgium) will be significantly affected, while the European Union as a whole will cease to have the largest share of world GDP and be the largest trading power internationally, giving its position in the US and China.

The blow for the European Union from Brexit, and indeed without an agreement, and given the USA’s solidarity that accompanies it and translates into a major privileged bilateral Great Britain-USA trade agreement, is much more than crucial and can prove fatal for the European Union and the Eurozone, at a time when the latter is experiencing a prolonged economic and political crisis, which has been on the rise lately.

So in the face of heightened power competition between world powers (US, China, Russia, EU) it is more than obvious that the Donald Trump government and the American deep state have decided to curb German influence in the area of the western camp and prevent decisively the enforcement of German wills in European space.

Today’s vision against the rotten, totalitarian and highly neoliberal German European Union, which is the most failed experiment of economic and political union between different nation-states in history, can only be the equal co-operation of free European peoples and sovereign independent democratic countries from one end of Europe to the other.

In closing, I would like to stress emphatically that any short-term negative effects of Brexit can in no way stand an insurmountable obstacle in the face of the will of the British people, who have been trained many centuries with the democratic traditions and with the precepts of freedom and independence, to liberate his country from the iron shackles of the European Union. Those who, moreover, rejoice at the parliamentary hurdles and difficulties that lie ahead of proud Brexit or are calling for a second referendum in order to emerge what they want, that is, actually to blackmail democracy, have to know that the ultimate winner will be the sovereign people and the decision they took three years ago.

By Isidoros Karderinis

Curriculum vitae


Isidoros Karderinis was born in Athens in 1967. He is a novelist, poet and columnist. He has studied economics and has completed postgraduate studies in the tourism economy. His articles have been published in newspapers, magazines and sites worldwide. His poems have been translated into English, French and Spanish and published in poetry anthologies, in literary magazines and literary sections of newspapers. He has published seven poetry books and three novels. His books have been published in USA, Great Britain, Spain and Italy.


Facebook: Karderinis Isidoros

Twitter: isidoros Karderinis





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