Mandera County Sets aside Sh110 Million for Bursary

Mandera County Government will fund some 13,713 needy students to pursue secondary and university education.

The bursary will support 8,312 students in secondary schools another 5,401 pursuing diploma and degree courses in colleges and universities.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba on Tuesday, January 19th, 201, disbursed Sh110 million kitty to beneficiaries to support students selected from poor and vulnerable backgrounds to access education.

“Financial exclusion from education is an issue across Mandera County with direct and associated education costs barring brilliant children from poor backgrounds from accessing education. User costs remain a significant barrier to education access for children from low-income families.”

“Mandera county still has high levels of poverty with the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics putting Turkana, Mandera, Kakamega, and Samburu among the counties with poorest populations. Many residents lack basic facilities like connectivity to electricity, piped water, and paved roads due to decades of marginalization and vulnerability to climate change impacts of long dry spells and flash floods that follow the rains,” Roba said.

“Over the last five years, we have disbursed a total of Sh440 million to support the needy bright students.

Roba however, decried how deteriorating the security situation was hurting efforts of access to education.

While other Kenyans resumed learning after the Covid-19 break, we are faced with a crisis in the education sector. Learning is paralyzed throughout the county because of the Al-Shabaab terror menace.