Plans to Impeach DP William Ruto Hatched

The Amani National Congress (ANC) party is initiating a motion in parliament to impeach the Deputy President (DP) Dr William Ruto.

ANC led by its Deputy Leader Ayub Savula, accused Dr. Ruto of sabotaging his boss’s’ agenda by inciting the public against the government.

The Lugari lawmaker who was accompanied by Vihiga County Woman Representative Beatrice Adagala, opined that the DP is a danger to the stability of the nation.

He stated that the ANC in its impeachment motion will cite Dr. Ruto’s ambition which according to them is in competition with the government’s priorities.

He accused Dr. Ruto of covertly dissenting and sabotaging the President’s agenda and taking advantage of the poor using his ‘hustlers’ narrative.

“We have taken the lead in preparing a motion of impeachment to protect Kenyans against violence implosion being clandestinely fermented by Ruto, a rich and powerful man in the government pretending to be poor,” Savula said during a Press conference on Tuesday, Janaury 12th, 2021.

 “Ruto swore to serve the people of Kenya, diligently, by assisting the government to prosecute the government agenda but Ruto has deviated, subverted his oath of office to loyally serve the President. Ruto has shamelessly with bare knuckle called a whole President a tribalist. How can you call your boss a tribalist?” Savula posed.

On Sunday, a day after the President made a remark about rotational presidency, his deputy issued a rebuttal.

The President had lashed out at proponents of the hustler vs dynasty politics saying that if that is the case, then Kenyans should also elect a president from another tribe.

“Leadership positions are not awarded, leaders are chosen by Kenyans, if you say you are tired of I don’t know… a dynasty, you are free to seek mandate from the people, let us respect each other as it is the only way to build a strong country,” President Kenyatta said.

Dr. Ruto then responded saying he supported his boss in 2013 although he had been preceded to the presidency by Mwai Kibaki.

“We cannot go back to tribal politics, we can only move forward if leaders stop seeking leadership positions based on their tribes, and instead focus on ideologies,” the DP said.