Rachier Should Accept Nick Mwendwa is In Charge and Move On

Wakili Rachier Move On and Accept Nick Mwendwa is In Charge”

By Millicent Olela

As clubs and fans are gearing up for the new Kenyan Premier League season which is scheduled to kick off on November 28th, Gor Mahia Football Club chairman Ambrose Rachier is pulling in a different direction towards a retrogressive path.

Rachier who has taken it upon himself to oppose anything the country’s local governing body, Football Kenya Federation (FKF) is initiating irrespective of value, benefits, and importance, as usual, is now at it again by fighting a deal between the federation and new broadcast sponsors StarTimes which is set to benefit clubs including Gor Mahia who he leads.

 The Senior Counsel’ has now earned himself the title of Official opposition leader of Football Kenya Federation.

Rachier opposes anything, the decision of initiative by the Nick Mwendwa led Fóotball Federation for no apparent reason but malice and sturboness.

When Nick Mwendwa got elected his National Executive Committee (NEC)  proposed to increase the number of KPL teams from 16 to 18 to fulfill his pre-election pledge during the 2016 FKF presidential campaigns.

Ambrose with his KPL team of Jack Oguda, Frank Okoth, and Bob Munro opposed the move and took the federation to the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) in a case they lost to FKF.

Despite losing that Ambrose has never accepted the decision he keeps talking and challenging that decision despite the fact Gor Mahia the club he leads is participating in a league that he does not approve of remaining hypocritical by preaching water and taking wine.

When CAF introduced the mandatory club licensing of teams playing in the top tier leagues- Rachier was at it again by opposing its implementation terming it a creation of the current local governing football administration.

Rachier’s arrogance has plunged the club into a crisis after CAF barred Gor’s new Brazilian coach Roberto Oliveira Goncalves from sitting on the bench for Caf and FKF Premier League matches because he doesn’t have the correct qualification papers in accordance with continental body rules and regulations.

Rachier has fought to ensure that the federation does not meet its constitutional mandate of running football in the country, whereas the KPL chairman made sure that FKF is not involved in drawing fixtures and referees appointments.

He frustrated the national preparations by pushing KPL clubs to resist their players from joining Harambee Stars for international assignments.

When the Government of Kenya announced the suspension of sports activities after the first case COVID-19 was reported, FKF ended the league in regard to Section 2.6 of the FKF constitution which governs failure to complete the league.

Rachier led the  KPL brigade to the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) to oppose the move which was dismissed by the Tribunal boss John Ohaga who ruled that FKF was within its rights to make the decision of declaring Gor Mahia as the KPL 2019/20 champions and ending the league prematurely.

The FKF boss went on to point out where the decision was derived from in the law – Section 2.6 of the FKF constitution which governs failure to complete the league.

If that is not enough he refused to accept that the KPL mandate of running the premier league had expired, claiming that KPL is the ones with the right to either end or extend the KPL contract with FKF…just laughable.

A Football Kenya Federation (FKF)-KPL agreement was drafted in 2015, giving the latter the legal mandate to run top-flight football in the country until September 24, 2020.

Rachier, a renowned lawyer, today claims that Broadcast Rights of the league belongs to the clubs.

He refuses to accept that The Federation is the only body mandated to run organized Fóotball in the country which includes leagues and competitions.

 The Federation has full rights of all leagues organized and run by the Federation where the clubs are its members. He continues to live in self-denial even on things he very well knows are factual.

He blames FKF and for everything that he does wrong in his club including hiring a coach that is not qualified.

Rachier should concentrate on his mandate bestowed on him by the Gor Mahia members Gor as the chair instead of deviating from his club obligations and poking his nose in affairs that don’t concern him.

The leadership at the federation knows its work and need not be reminded or lectured as it has an executive which has knowledge about football administration and are capable of executing their duties without Rachier’s input.

If he felt that he had the qualities needed in steering the country’s football boat he should have offered his candidature in the recently concluded FKF elections instead of sitting out on the fence and then coming ranting over anything.

In the 2016 elections, he contested for the FKF presidency failed to convince and appease the football delegates of his potential to lead the sport in Kenya, and lost to the youth Nick Mwendwa who was seen as the best bet for the job.

If Rachier felt that Nick had failed or not even done enough, he should have tossed his hat into the ring, which he never did because he knew there was nothing to campaign against the incumbent who had done a splendid job in his first term.

Rachier needs to be reminded that the FKF constitution does not provide for the position of Official Opposition leader and therefore concentrates on running Gor Mahia and his law firm as the current federation office runs the show.

Millicent Olela is a freelance journalist biased on Sports