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Super League Council Fear Betika’s Sponsorship Withdrawal



The Football Kenya Federation (FKF) National Super League (NSL) council has expressed fears over the termination of the Sh.90million sponsorship deal with betting firm Betika if the Government messes with Fifa’s directive on the federation’s elections.

On behalf of the NSL the council chairman Johsntone Sakwa, secretary Misango and member Aziz Abdi feared that sponsors will not stay if there is instability and asked the government to be careful before taking any decision that might jeopardise the current stability.

On Wednesday, Fifa declined to form a normalization committee as requested by the Sports Dispute Tribunal (SDT) and instead extended the current term of the FKF national executive office.

The council pointed out that players are the   biggest stakeholders in football and any decision that is made should ensure that it is for their good.

Betika Super League Governing Council Chairman Johnston Sakwa

“The major football stakeholder is the player. If this stand-off is not resolved amicably, they will suffer in terms of loss of income and the country will lose talent,” they said.

The council said most of the players are the youth and if they lose their source of livelihood, the can country will then sit on a time bomb which will erupt with cases of lawlessness.

 “Football requires stability to attract sponsors and anything that disrupts such stability we must resist,” they said.

They added: “We urge that Fifa’s position on the stalemate be respected to enable us move forward and not lose out on the little that we have received. No sponsor will be willing to come and invest their money where there is chaos.

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Harambee Stars keeper Patrick Matasi exalts AFCON bonuses, Ethiopian experience




In life, there is always that big break that comes your way and changes your life forever.

For St. George’s and Harambee Stars goalkeeper Patrick Matasi it was helping the Kenya national team qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations finals last year in Egypt.

The qualification ushered in a big payday which enabled the former AFC Leopards, Posta Rangers and Tusker player to complete his house in Kakamega town.

And so, every-time Matasi travels to Kakamega, he does not have to worry where he will spend the night. More importantly, his wife and child put up in the three-bedroomed magnificent bungalow.

Besides that, Matasi explains that he also completed the construction of his mother’s house in the village.

“The preparations ahead of the qualification matches for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations finals were always top-notch right from our first match against Sierra Leone.

“That is why even before our last match against Ghana away we held discussions with Football Kenya Federation (FKF) in regards to the bonuses to agree on how to divide the same.

“This helped us to focus and had nothing bothering us ahead of the training camp in France. For myself, I added the money to what I had received as the sign-on fee from my move to St.George’s and I completed my house in Kakamega,” he explained.

“My mother’s house was also not completed and I went ahead to complete the same so that she can have somewhere decent to stay,” said Matasi.

The goalkeeper was one of the outstanding players in the tournament and he admits that it created interest in some of the biggest clubs on the continent including former African champions league winners T.P Mazembe.

Matasi saved a penalty from Sadio Mane during Kenya’s second match against Senegal which the former lost 3-0.

“We did our best despite this being our first time in the tournament. The lack of experience was a big factor but now we have learned and we believe it will better next time. This was a good opportunity for us and it helped expose a lot of our players and with it several opportunities,” said Matasi.

Being in his second season in Ethiopia, Matasi says he has settled and is looking forward to doing even better.

“The first season was tough as I had to live in camp where the food was predictable. I have now moved into my own house and it allows me to sample different dishes.

“On the pitch, I had a not so good first leg in the first season conceding 11 goals. The second leg was better with only two goals conceded. I was looking to do even better this season but it was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic,” he concluded.

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“Mwendwa is an inspiration to grassroots football Leadership,” asserts FKF Nairobi Boss



FKF Nairobi West Branch secretary Caleb Malweyi has attributed current FKF President Nick Mwendwa as an inspiration to grassroots leadership.

“The level of integrity the current FKF President, Nick Mwendwa, upholds is a source of inspiration for me as a leader to try us much as possible to deliver on the ground in order to materialize his dream,” said Malweyi

He further revealed that operations at the grassroots have been smooth because of the bar that has been placed by Mwendwa.

Malweyi who is the FKF Nairobi West branch elect said one to work smoothly with Mr. Nick Mwendwa one has to match the same level of honesty and integrity.

“This is shown by how the current administration is very transparent in their affairs especially in terms of their accountability; in that they present an accounting report on a yearly basis to its branch governors, hence putting them in good books with its members,” he quipped.

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Instructor Welcomes Mwendwa’s Referees Development Program



FKF North Western Branch secretary Caleb Amwayi and referees instructor has lauded FKF President Nick Mwendwa for developing and improving the quality of match officials.

 Amwayi said the move by the current federation to waive charges on the Physical Endurance Tests (PET) has gone a long way in encouraging new referees to take up officiating as a career.

“The liberalized management system by the FKF President Nick Mwendwa has raised the bar in football, in that, new referees can take up officiating as a career after the current Federation scrapped of the charges on the Physical Endurance Tests (PET),” said Amwayi.

The efforts by the federation to waive charges on the Physical Endurance Tests (PET) has enabled 3000 referees to get trained over the last four years.

Amwayi said the big number of referees trained so far will insulate football from lack of match officials in sustaining the game of football

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