Tim Wanyonyi Sponsors Boy Who Walked From Nandi to Kakamega High School

Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi has accomplished his promise of paying full school fees for George Ingatwa who walked from his home in Nandi County to report to Kakamega High School.

Hon Wanyonyi took his time to visit the boy in school on Wed,Jan 29, 2020, where he presented a cheque to cater for the boys full year school fees.

He also committed to sponsor the boy through his four years in school. He encouraged the boy to work hard to pursue his dreams.

The boy scored 390 marks in KCPE 2019. He had trekked for 57 km to report to his secondary school.

Ingatwa’s mother who had no means to pay her son’s school fees, had sent him off to Kakamega School without any money for upkeep or transport.

Upon arrival in Kakamega, the boy met the school’s principal Gerald Orina and gave him his admission letter.

“He had a letter in his hand and he said,”I have come to school,”.The boy looked needy and was barefooted,” stated Orina, the principal.

Touched by his quest for education, Mr Orina inquired further about the boy’s background.

“They are living in a very poor state. The mother looked sickly,” observed the principal. Ingatwa lives in a tiny grass-thatched house with his mother and five brothers and sisters.

The matter reached Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi who promised to cater for the boys school fees.

The boy would like to pursue a career in journalism.