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Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi overseeing the enrollment of 200 elderly people to NHIF at Bohra Primary on Tuesday,November 18, 2019.

200 elderly people from Westlands have been enrolled in the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) scheme facilitated by Westlands NG CDF to the tune of KES 3.6 Million in a function held at Bohra Road Primary school in Parklands.

Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi who oversaw the process said that the elderly have have been going through a lot of difficulties in accessing proper healthcare services hence the reason to put them under the medical cover.

“Many of you have previously been disregarded,that is the reason we are paying for your medical care.As people age they become more susceptible to disease and disability.You should not be worried any more since NHIF will bear the full cost of your medical care,” said the soft spoken legislator.

The MP added that they will pay the medical care for the 200 elderly people for a period of three years.

Beneficiaries are guaranteed of outpatient services of consultation, investigation, dispensation and drug rehabilitation.

Other benefits include cover for minor and major surgical procedures at KES 130,000;specialised surgery at KES 500,000; dialysis weekly package for two sessions at KES 19,000, radiotherapy at KES 85,000, chemotherapy 1st line at KES 130,000; 2nd line and 3rd line at KES 625,000; city scan at KES 8,000 and MRI at KES 15,000.

The NHIF super cover caters for all inpatient costs in government facility with part payment in mission hospitals. It pays a rebate of KES 4,000 for patients hospitalized in private facilities.

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In recent few days, the attention of the country has been captured by the standoff over the sharing of revenue among county governments. Five times, the Senate has failed to adopt its own amendments to the third basis formula for sharing revenue from the Commission for Revenue Allocation.

This stand-off is causing paralysis and mistrust at a time the country needs to be united and singularly focused on tackling the grave pandemic currently threatening the lives and livelihoods of our people. It has also taken a dangerous ethnic undertone instead of being a level-headed debate on the nation’s development trajectory.

The revenue sharing formula that the Senate has deadlocked over is a variation of what was recommended by the Commission for Revenue Allocation (CRA), the body mandated under Article 216 (1) of the Constitution of Kenya, to come up with a formula.

The key principle in the CRA recommendation on the third basis for revenue sharing for the next five financial years is that allocation should be population-driven. The CRA recommendation is based on an understanding that county governments are about service requirements of the population including in health, agriculture, infrastructure,education, among others.

The Senate made certain amendments to the CRA recommendation but equally retained the central principle that allocation must be about the population. Unfortunately, the institution has disagreed on its own amendments.
Under the circumstances, the country and our people would better served if we adopted the recommendation of the CRA for the next five years.

The CRA recommendation built on lessons from a comprehensive review of the second basis, a comparative analysis of financing transfer systems from other countries, and extensive consultations with national government, county governments, public finance experts, and the public in an independent and non-partisan manner.
In order to avoid a similar stand-off next time, the concerns currently arising should be forwarded to the CRA for consideration in its future recommendation.

The resources currently being recommended can adequately serve our counties if we eliminate corruption in addition to heavily punishing those perpetuating the vice both at the national and county levels. Luckily, the war on corruption is yielding fruits and should safeguard public finances.

We must also focus on encouraging counties to raise own source revenues from the economic activities within the county and demanding a prudent usage of those resources.

Having had a robust debate on this matter, the Senate should now allow the country move forward by adopting the CRA report while using the concerns voiced for future recommendations on revenue sharing.

H.E. Raila Odinga, EGH.

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Fresh Bid to Impeach Elachi as Nairobi Speaker



A fresh bid to impeach Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi has been launched over abuse of office.

On Sunday26th, 2020, the MCA’s had collected 51 signatures way above the 42 required for an impeachment notice against the speaker to be filed in the county assembly.

The ward representatives are accusing Elachi of charges including abuse of office, the illegal appointment of corruption, poor leadership, victimisation of MCAs and assembly staff, impunity, disregard for the law and county orders, and militarisation of the assembly.

Led by Utalii ward MCA Wilson Ocholla, from the ODM Party, the MCAs accused the Speaker of militarizing the Assembly.

“The Speaker has taken the law into her own hands and made the County Assembly to seem like her own property. We are elected leaders we are not ready to work under military rules.

“The County Assembly is now flooded with military and police officers, we cannot accept this. Why don’t they resign and get elected?questioned?” Ocholla.

The MCAs had previously voted to eject Elachi in September 2018 but, unbowed, she returned to office in October last year setting the stage for a fresh bear-knuckle confrontation with the MCAs.

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Nairobi Metropolitan Boss Badi Dares Governor Sonko over Threats




Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Director General Major-General Mohamed Abdalla Badi is unfazed by threats issued by Governor Mike Sonko of withdrawing from the agreement that saw NMS take control of key operations of the City.

“I’m not scared by the Governor’s move to head to court. For us at NMS we are proud of the services we are delivering to Nairobi residents to improve their livelihoods,” said Badi.

He said The Office of the Attorney General will represent NMS and they shall follow directions from the National Government.

Major-General Badi says he is not concerned by Sonko’s action and that NMS will continue delivering on its mandate assigned by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Badi reiterated that NMS was formed in the interests of Nairobi residents who had been deprived to key services after the Governor was barred from office following his prosecution on corruption-related charges.

He added that should in any case NMS be disbanded, the entire team would just go back to serving in their previous positions where they were handpicked from.

“When NMS was formed we were picked from different departments to come and work in NMS. So with or without NMS each one of us can go back to their department and continue with the job he/she was doing before NMS was formed.

“But I’m hoping that the courts will put put into consideration the importance of NMS in making their decision,” added the military strong man.

Sonko, in a letter dated July 24, 2020, expressed his intent to terminate the Deed of Transfer of four critical functions from the County Government to the National Government, citing illegalities in the agreement.

The Governor claims he has been sidelined in the running of Kenya’s capital city, and is contesting the appointment of military officers, led by Major General Abdalla Badi to run Nairobi.

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