52 Dead, 56,549 Affected by El Nino Rains in Kenya

52 Dead, 56,549 Affected by El Nino Rains in Kenya

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Fifty two lives have been lost so far, and 24,415 people displaced across various regions in the country due to the ongoing El Nino rains, the Kenya Red Cross has revealed.

This is due to the severe flooding triggered by relentless heavy rains in Kenya.

The Rift Valley region witnessed 15 fatalities, with 3 others sustaining injuries, and 1,657 people being displaced.

In Nyanza, 6 lives have been lost, and 116 individuals displaced.

Meanwhile, in Western Kenya, 4 casualties, 4 injuries, and 154 displacements have been reported.

The Eastern region is also grappling with 10 fatalities, 2 injuries, 1 missing person, and a staggering 2,190 people displaced.

Similarly, the North Eastern region faces the loss of 9 lives and 20,123 individuals displaced.

The Coast region has reported 3 fatalities and 174 displacements, while Central Kenya has 4 deaths and 1 displaced person.

In Nairobi, one life has been lost.

Altogether, 56,549 individuals in Kenya have been affected.

The Kenya Meteorological Department forewarned that the rains are expected to persist until January 2024, heightening the risk of further devastation.

Urgent messages to prepare and evacuate reach vulnerable communities, with the latest advisory from the Kenya Red Cross underscoring critical water levels in the Tana River as of November 8.

Specifically, the body cautioned that Garissa, Tana River, and Kilifi counties face an imminent risk, prompting heightened concern for the safety and livelihoods of local residents.

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