Ngatia meets varsity student leaders in Nairobi

Ngatia meets varsity student leaders in Nairobi

Nairobi: 15th January, 2022: Nairobi City County gubernatorial front runner Hon. Richard Ngatia yesterday held fruitful talks with all the Universities Students’ Leaders drawn from Universities across the Nairobi Metropolis.

Ngatia, who is the president of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) met Nairobi student leaders from 35 universities and TVET institutions under the Nairobi student leaders’ forum with the main agenda of meeting with students to discuss issues that affect them and how to find a solution to then problems.

The meeting was themed a Nairobi we all want sought to identify the students wishes in the county governance and how they can mutually coexist with the county authorities.

Positioning himself as the leader who will turn things for the better, Ngatia promised to help the students today and make their lives better tomorrow.
“We want to ensure that students in institutions of higher learning actively get involved in the business of the day and they are no longer used by greedy and rogue politicians to throw stones at other people,” Ngatia said.

University students have for ages been used to cause chaos in the city to the benefit of politicians.

According to Ngatia, students are a productive population who should not be ignored but guided.
“My leadership as governor of Nairobi will be all inclusive. The tomorrow that the youth have always been promised has come and I want to walk with the youth and make them an integral part of my administration,” Ngatia said.

He urged the students to shun acts of violence and hooliganism as we enter the electioneering period noting that if the youth refuse to be used by politicians, then, they can have a voice at the table.

Over the years, students at institutions of higher learning have been used to unleash terror on political nemesis.