A Kisumu landlady opens up about her unfaithful husband who is HIV positive

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Atieno, A lady who runs multiple rental houses in Kisumu county with her husband has confessed how hectic her life has been to put up with a man who practices infidelity.

Atieno, a woman who is currently 53 years old confessed that she is HIV positive and she discovered it when she had gone for check-up while she was pregnant for her 4th child 11 years ago when the doctor broke the news to her.

The mother of four said she has never cheated on her husband and was shocked when she learnt about her situation. She had been warned by people that her husband was cheating on her but chose to ignore.

Her husband who is also HIV positive has been sleeping around with random numerous girls without protection and infecting them with the disease.

This kept her thinking for a week while having suicidal thoughts since she had never cheated on her hubby for 31 years in marriage.

She accepted her state and started taking ARV’s and it’s 10 years now, her children are all negative.

After learning that his wife was positive, Atieno’s husband could not hide it anymore, he openly slept with female tenants, giving them shopping money, and took them around the country on trips.

Atieno’s efforts to warn them about him bore no fruits because they seemed to be interested in the money her husband was offering.

It has also reached a point where the man is only allowing female tenants into his rentals, this makes it easier for him to share a bed with as many women as possible without caring.

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