Betika Grand Jackpot Makes Exciting Return with Motor Bikes and Cash Prizes

Betika Grand Jackpot Makes Exciting Return with Motor Bikes and Cash Prizes

The Betika Grand Jackpot has made a comeback in Kenya with a bang with Motor Bikes and cash prizes at stake for the winner with the start of the new football season.

The famous Grand Jackpot by requires one to correctly predict 17 games to win the 100 million Grand prize for 99 bob!

There are 6 Motorbikes each week for 100 days for all Jackpot bets. This means everyone has a chance to win something at the leading betting firms’ platform.

In a nutshell, a punter can easily walk away with Kshs. 150M with a stake of Kshs. 119 Bob and a Motorbike to carry their winnings.

To add more flavour to the platform, Kenya’s number one bookmaker, Betika has introduced a 50M jackpot for the same 17games for only 20 bob.

As expected, the innovative bookmaker relaunched the Grand Jackpot with interesting offers for its customers.
Betika announced that in addition to the attractive bonuses offered to customers who get 12-16 out of 17 correct predictions, there will now be a bonus reward of up to Ksh 5 million to customers who get 0 out of 17 correct predictions!

Betika customers have the options of getting the Grand Jackpot games from via SMS, by sending the word ‘GJP’ to 29090.

To place a Jackpot bet, customers need Ksh 99 or Kshs. 20Bob. For those who know nothing about football other than Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona and joining PSG, Betika has an auto pick option on SMS by sending the word GJP#Auto#20 or GJP#Auto#99.

The Customers will upon placing their cash bet, qualify to enter the draw and stand a chance of winning a daily prize of 1 Motorbike.

The draw will take place six (6) Days a week excluding the kick off day of the Grand Jackpot. The first weeks winners have already collected their Motorbikes and there are many more to be won.
With Betika, it now pays for you to lose, and it pays big!