Davco Farm Foods Director Jailed for Tax Evasion

Davco Farm Foods Director Jailed for Tax Evasion

A firm proprietor has pleaded guilty to two counts of charges of relating tax evasion using counterfeit and illegally acquired excise stamps.

The businessman appeared before Senior Principal Magistrate Joseph Karanja where he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to nine months imprisonment or a fine of KShs.40,000 in the alternative. The goods affixed with counterfeit excise stamps are liable to forfeiture.

David Karanja, the proprietor of Davco Farm Foods located within Naivasha town was arrested on September 30th  2021 for being in possession of 3,792 bottles of Queency juice affixed with counterfeit excise stamps. The tax implication arising from the use of the said excise stamps is KShs. 34,942.

He was charged with the offence of being possession of excisable goods affixed with counterfeit excise stamps and being in possession of excise stamps acquired without the authority of KRA contrary to Section 40 of Excise Duty Act and Regulation 30(1)(g) as read with Regulation 30(2) of the Excise Duty (Excisable Goods Management System) Regulations, 2017.

KRA has noted that some manufacturers and distributors have resorted to affixing excisable goods with counterfeit excise stamps with a view of evading payment of excise duty. This is a deliberate fraud to defraud the Authority Excise Duty. KRA urges members of the public to continue providing information on tax malpractices in order to grow the economy.