Davis & Shirtliff, Huawei Partner to Provide Affordable Solar Products in Kenya

Davis & Shirtliff, Huawei Partner to Provide Affordable Solar Products in Kenya

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In a significant stride toward advancing Kenya’s roadmap towards sustainable power and commitment to clean energy, Davis & Shirtliff and Huawei Technologies have entered into a strategic partnership to increase the availability of affordable high-end solar and digital power solutions to accelerate the transition of Kenyan homes and businesses to clean renewable energy.

The leading supplier of water and energy equipment in the East and Southern African region, will distribute Huawei’s solar products, including Grid Connect Inverters, Luna, and Power M backup solutions. Davis & Shirtliff robust distribution channels and
extensive knowledge of the local energy market will be leveraged on to deploy Huawei’s innovative solar technology throughout the region.

“With this synergy, we aim to accelerate our mission of addressing energy shortages and spearheading the adoption of renewable energy in the country. Customers can expect a decrease in electricity bills, resulting in direct returns,” said Davis & Shirtliff
Group Supply Director Henry Davis.

“The prolonged lifespan of solar installations, combined with minimal operational costs, positions these systems to self-fund within a few years, providing sustained cost savings,” he added.

This pivotal alliance will also see the provision of comprehensive training and support programs to ensure the installation and maintenance of products are of the highest quality, thereby increasing their efficiency and lifespan.

The primary focus is on delivering integrated solutions for electrification projects in both urban and rural areas, leveraging Huawei’s capabilities to enhance energy management and improve energy efficiency.

“Our collaboration with Davis & Shirtliff is important because it represents a harmonious union of vision and deployment of capabilites. Together, we aim to reshape the renewable energy landscape and provide cleaner, more efficient and affordable energy
for the Kenyan market,” Huawei East Africa Digital Power Business CEO Oliver Du Peng said.
In Kenya, the demand for clean and reliable power sources is driving the adoption of solar products. The adoption rate is the highest in areas where grid connectivity is either unstable or non-existent, with rural and peri-urban communities at the forefront of this growth.

Currently, over 80 percent of Kenya’ s electricity is generated from renewable sources.

According to the World Bank’s latest Kenya Economic Update, around 500,000 rural homes have been equipped with solar home systems by 2022, with the country selling between 25,000 and 30,000 photovoltaic modules annually.

“Rural areas have seen growth due to solar products being a primary source of electricity, while urban areas are adopting solar solutions for cost savings and energy independence,” said Davis & Shirtliff Group Supply Director Henry Davis added.

Numerous commercial entities are currently focusing on sustainable energy solutions to secure power supply and manage electricity costs more effectively. At the same time, there is a growing number of institutions and public sector projects that are embracing
large scale solar installations to meet their energy requirements in an eco-friendly manner.

“Moreover, this partnership is primarily aimed at EPC contractors who need reliable and high-quality solar products for their end-to-end solar installation projects,” he said during the signing ceremony at the Group’s Tatu Distribution Centre.

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