“El Nino to Continue till April 2024,” World Meteorological Organisation Warns Kenyans

“El Nino to Continue till April 2024,” World Meteorological Organisation Warns Kenyans

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Kenyans have been warned that the ongoing El Nino is expected to last at least until April 2024, the World Meteorological Organisation has said.
In a statement on Wednesday, November 8th, 2023, the World Meteorological Organisation said El Niño would influence weather patterns and contribute to a further spike in temperatures both on land and in the ocean.

“As of mid-October 2023, sea surface temperatures and other atmospheric and oceanic indicators in the central-eastern tropical Pacific are consistent with El Nino,” it said.

“There is a 90 per cent likelihood it will persist throughout the upcoming northern hemisphere winter/southern hemisphere summer.”

In the update, based on historical patterns and current long-range predictions, it is anticipated it will gradually diminish during the next year around the world.

WMO secretary general Petteri Taalas said El Nino impacts on global temperature typically play out in the year after its development, in this case in 2024.

“Extreme events such as heatwaves, drought, wildfires, heavy rain and floods will be enhanced in some regions, with major impacts. That is why WMO is committed to the early warnings for all initiative to save lives and minimise economic losses,” he said.

Last week, the Kenya Meteorological Department confirmed the heavy rainfall experienced in the country is El Nino.

Kenya Met had earlier predicted that El Nino would hit the country from mid-October to December.

However, President William Ruto said the country will not experience El Nino rains as earlier predicted.

Kenya Met Director David Gikungu said the confusion that existed comes out of associating El Nino with rains.

He said El Nino is not always about rainfall but there are other factors which show El Nino.

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