European Tour Players Enjoy a Safari after Golfing Action

Golfing fraternity in Kenya says the Golf European Tour (ET) has firmly positioned Kenya as a global golfing destination with global recognition.

This is after two European Tour ย events, The Magical Kenya Open and the Kenya Savannah Classic were successfully held in the destination keeping the world glued on Kenya for two weeks.

This was said during a game drive at the Nairobi National Park organised by the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) for the ET players who participated in the just concluded Magical Kenya Open and Kenya Savanna Classic.

The game drive was organised to help the players unwind as well as being part of the continued efforts to leverage on golf to showcase the countryโ€™s tourism offerings.

KTB CEO, Dr Betty Radier said that the Magical Kenya Open has over time been a catalyst to the growth of golf in Kenya giving local players an opportunity to play against some of the best players in the world. She also noted that hosting such events had helped to elevate Kenya as a giant in golf as well as other sports.

โ€œGolf is one of the key sports that continues to play a major role in showcasing Kenya to the world. This year, we have had the privilege of hosting two major golf tournaments which are part of the European Tour. These events attracted a lot of global attention and also presented an opportunity to showcase to the world that we are safe for travel and ready for businessโ€ she spoke.

She added:โ€œThese players have for two weeks provided Kenyans and the world at large a chance to enjoy world-class golfing experience and therefore we thought of appreciating their efforts with this much-deserved break. We also want to send the message that there is much more to Kenya. When one comes for instance to play a round of golf here, they can also take some time out to visit some attractions like the game parks we have in the country,โ€ added Dr Radier.

The Magical Kenya Open and the Kenya Savannah Classic which were held on the 18th โ€“ 21st March 2021 and 23rd โ€“ 26th March 2021 respectively attracted 156 players from 30 countries. KTBโ€™s sponsorship of the two tournaments was an extension of the agencyโ€™s sponsorship of the Safari Tour Golf Series which was ย ย a preparation for the Magical Kenya Open