FIFA ban looms as a lying Okudo and team goes after FKF

FIFA ban looms as a lying Okudo and team goes after FKF

FIFA ban, ask any passionate and die hard lover of the game anywhere in the world and they’ll tell you that’s the most dreadful thing that could ever hit them.

As dreadful and scary as it might be to football lovers, players, coaches and other stake holders, it seems the Cs for sports madam Amina Mohammed is less perturbed by this monster staring at Kenyan football right in the face.

It evokes more questions than answers as to why the ministry is hell bent on going ahead with an illegal process as per FIFA’S provisions which clearly banishes government interference with the affairs of any member football federation.

Whatever the motive is, it is so strongly perpetrated to the extent that the Ps for sports Joe Okudo had the guts to stand before the parliamentary committee for sports and say that Fifa had given the ministry the go ahead to audit fkf’s accounts.

To affirm this as an outright lie, as it has been confirmed that the ministry did not and has not written to Fifa with such requests. The world body through its representatives who are in the country dismissed okudo’s statements as outright lie.

Clearly the ministry is on a mission and it won’t stop at anything, lies have become a recipe of this “meal” that they are trying to cook.

You wonder who is at the dinner table waiting. But whoever it is, one meal that clearly the Kenyan public, football players and coaches are set to be served, is a hot long Fifa ban.

And the ministry knows this all too well, and that’s why the Ps lied that they had gotten the green light from the world body. A clear indicator that the Ps and his people knows the implications of such a move without first seeking FIFA’S approval.

Cs Amina Mohammed in her presentation mentioned the probability of her ministry constituting a committee to oversee the running of football matters in the country as she had done with cricket.

She seems to forget that Kenyan football is not Cricket. Football is the most loved ,most watched sport not only in the country but world over.

Whatever she applied to cricket should remain to cricket, she shouldn’t drain the strides the federation has done the past five years by warmly inviting a ban from Zurich.

The so called “stakeholders” that the Cs kept quoting in her presentation yesterday leaves alot to be desired. If really they hold stakes in Kenyan football they would know, nothing motivates a player like the prospect of playing in the national team.
And it is this motivation that leads to competitiveness in a league.

Take the national team away, you take the motivation with it, a motivation vacuum automatically leads to a less competitive league, lack of competition is a que for sponsorship withdrawals. Withdrawal of sponsors means financial crisis to the clubs. An all too familiar script in the Nyamweya days. It’s so sad that the ministry seems so determined to drag us so many years back. A thing that might take us ages to recover from, that is if we ever do.