FIFA reacts to the Cabinet secretary’s appointment of FKF caretaker committee which leaves Kenyan football in jeopardy

FKF CEO Barry Otieno

Regarding the appointment of the 27 members of caretaker committee by cabinet secretary Amina Mohamed FIFA decided to write to FKF.

The press statement by the CS was delivered on 11th November 2021. It stated that an inspection of the FKF was undertaken in the past few weeks by the registrar of Sports under the cabinet secretary Amina’s directive under Kenyan sports law. As a result a report was delivered to the CS and had a list of recommendations.

Cabinet secretary Amina had appointed a caretaker committee composed of 15 members and accompanied by a secretariat of 12 members to work for a period of 6 months.

The committee’s mandate is conducting FKF’s affairs, to ensure FKF,s compliance with 2013 Kenyan Sports Act, to coordinate and ensure running of FKF’s operations including team preparations of local and international sporting events, to coordinate FKF elections based on 2013 Kenyan Sports Act and sports registrar’s regulations and finally to hand over FKF to newly elected officials.

The letter noted that, ” we would like to address our concern with respect to the abrupt announcement of the
aforementioned decision taken by the Cabinet Secretary. As a matter of fact, we deem fit to highlight that all
FIFA member associations, including the FKF, are statutorily required to manage their affairs independently
and without undue influence of any third parties (cf. art. 14 par. 1 lit. i) and art. 19 para. 1 of FIFA Statutes).

Any failure to these obligations may lead to sanctions provided for in the FIFA Statutes, even if the third party influence was not the fault of the member association concerned (cf. art. 14 par. 3 of the FIFA Statutes).
In esse, we consider that the aforementioned decision by the Cabinet Secretary to appoint a FKF Caretaker
Committee in lieu of the elected FKF Executive Committee is undoubtedly contrary to the above principles.

Should this be considered as undue government interference in the internal affairs of the FKF, it could lead
to a ban imposed on the FKF by the competent FIFA body.”

In such a case of undue interference, Kenyan football would suffer the consequences leave alone the individuals directly involved.

It is up to FIFA alone to order the dismissal of executive bodies of member associations, also the appointment of normalization committee under serious and well founded information as well as under exceptional circumstances.( of FIFA statutes)

FIFA requested FKF to inform the cabinet secretary that in the event her decision to appoint FKF caretaker committee and correlated secretariat was to be upheld, they would submit the present matter to the Bureau of FIFA council for consideration and decision.

As per the CS’s letter of 18th October 2021, they would like to emphasize on their willingness to hold a meeting with FKF and the ministry of sports as soon as possible in order to address any concerns both sides have and to decide on a way forward for the sake of Kenyan football.