Football Kenya Federation Issues Licensing Guidelines for Coaches

Football Kenya Federation Issues Licensing Guidelines for Coaches

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has placed measures and certification  requirements and guidelines for all personnel working in the technical bench.

The guidelines target FKF Premier League, National Super League(NSL),  FKF Women Premier League, Division one and Division Two leagues

In the 2021/22 season,all coaches (head coach and coach assistants) participating in all the above leagues are required to be licensed having attained at least a CAF C License Diploma.

All coaches participating in FKF Women Division One and FKF Division Two league must at least attain a FKF D License Diploma.

All the goalkeeper coaches participating in the FKF PL,WPL, NSL and Division One are also required to at least have a FKF D License Diploma.

For foreign coaches contracted by local clubs to coach  they will be required to at least have attained a recognized A license.

For the foreign coaches to be accredited, they will have present their curriculum vitae with a non-refundable fee of Kes 100,000 for clearance.

All team doctors and physiotherapists  must send their CV’s to FKF  technical department for accreditation and licensing to be allowed to practice  and be part of the team’s technical bench.


No technical bench member will be allowed in the technical area without the stated qualification and the mandatory FKF Accreditation License card.

Only the head coach or the assistant coach will be allowed to issue instructions on the technical area at any given time during official FKF competitions.

In case of a suspension or absence of the head coach , the assistant coach will be allowed to assume the role. All the coaches should also understand the value of coaching licenses and its validity of three years , with a mandatory renewal after satisfactorily attending a three-day FKF refresher course at a cost of Kes 500 which is applicable to the coaches who haven’t upgraded to the next level.

All coaches at all levels in Kenya and are Kenyan citizens  are required to pay a non-refundable  amount of Kes 500 to be issued with a coaching license card depending on their level of certification.

Based on the coaching license , the federation will monitor and evaluate its coaches on the quality of football at all levels of play and will be at hand to organize coaching courses and special topic  refresher courses to maintain their capacity and update themselves with modern trends.