“Government to Increase Funds for Anti-Doping Activities,” Sports CS Namwamba Reveals

“Government to Increase Funds for Anti-Doping Activities,” Sports CS Namwamba Reveals

To tackle the increasing number of doping violations, the Kenyan government has committed to increase funding to anti-doping efforts over a period of five years.

In a statement Sports Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ababu Namwamba said this is among a raft of firm measures by government to deal decisively with this growing threat to sports.

“Kenya will stop at nothing to protect its most valuable asset – the athlete. Athletics Kenya (AK) and the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) will utilize the additional funding from government to develop their testing, mobilization, reconnaissance, surveillance and enforcement capabilities,” said Namwamba.

He said the government through the Ministry of Sports will also facilitate the registration of coaches and training camps.

“We laud the President of World Athletics, Lord Sebastian Coe for acknowledging our efforts in this regard.  In his communication to me this week, Coe praised the government’s action and plan in the fight against the threat of doping.

“I welcome the additional resources provided by the Government of Kenya in the fight against doping. The only way we can reduce the magnitude of this problem is the collective commitment of all sports stakeholders in Kenya…” Coe’s correspondence read in part.

Namwmba said the government of Kenya respects and upholds the right of all athletes to participate in sports without using stimulants.

“Additionally, our authorities support the promotion of health, justice and equality for all people participating in sports and recreation. We are therefore alarmed and saddened by the increase in Kenyan athletes using doping agents, which has tragically resulted in the most unfortunate downgrading of Kenya’s premium status and led to classification as a “Category A” violator under the World Anti-Doping Rules in Athletics. This is despite the existing legal framework enacted to tame the doping vice,” said the CS.

He said while Athletics Kenya (AK) in collaboration with the International Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) and the Anti-Doping Agency (ADAK) attempts to curb the use of muscle stimulants, the increase is largely the result of unethical individuals whose greed undermines the reputation and pedigree of Kenyan athletes.

“The Government will increase awareness and enforcement to deal firmly with this threat. We call on all sports organizations in Kenya to comply with anti-doping laws and regulations. Furthermore, we reiterate our previous position that we will make doping very expensive and elevate doping substances to the same level as hard drugs in classification and punishment,” he said.

Namwamba warned that if they caught those involved in doping, will be punished you severely.

“We will not allow a few unscrupulous criminals to tarnish Kenya’s hard-earned heritage as a great athletics nation that prides itself on competing and winning clean. For those involved in doping, we will call it as is: “doping is nothing but fraud and a crime” and will deal with you accordingly as a criminal,” he warned.

The CS urged Kenyan sportsmen and women, to stop engaging in this destructive behavior.

“Play clean and with integrity. Its more honourable to lose than to cheat!,” concluded Namwamba.