Governor Kananu Addresses Claims Of Being Sidelined During Jamhuri Day Celebrations

Governor Kananu Addresses Claims Of Being Sidelined During Jamhuri Day Celebrations

Reports indicate that Nairobi Governor Anne Kananu was snubbed during the Jamhuri Day celebrations on December 12.

This is after the third Nairobi governor was denied the chance to address the crowd during the event that was held at Uhuru gardens despite being on the list of speakers.

Kananu was the host of the event but she did not have the opportunity to even invite key guests as it has been the norm in the past for national holidays and events.

The county boss has however denied claims that she was sidelined as the country marked the important day.

In a statement to media houses, Kananu said that the celebration involved more than one major event whose coordination needed to be handled cautiously.

“The Jamhuri Day celebrations and the trooping of the colour by 19 Battalion of The Kenya Rifles is an event that is managed intricately with extreme caution and precision. Time management becomes a key factor to its success and therefore the program is adjusted accordingly like was the case for my remarks,” read part of the statement.

Kananu who did not attend the luncheon at the statehouse after the celebrations also denied that she had fallen out with president Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

She said that she excused herself from the luncheon due to medical reasons.

“Last week on Tuesday, I was hospitalized for several days and in adherence to my doctor’s recommendation and advice; after the celebrations, I took a rest hence my absence from the Garden party at State House,” Kananu explained.

She added that she enjoys a cordial working relationship with president Uhuru Kenyatta contrary to the rumors and that she was honored to celebrate the event with him, which was her first since assuming office.

Kananu asked those trying to cause a rift between her and the president to stop doing so and that she is focused on serving the people of Nairobi.

Notably, the governor also missed the Azimio la Umoja conference on Friday, December 10 as the ODM leader announced his presidential bid.