Governor Sakaja and Joho take on whistling challenge

Governor Sakaja and Joho take on whistling challenge

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has responded to former Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho who, over the weekend, decided to school him on the art of whistling.

As anyone may know, whistling is not everyone’s trade – you need to know how to curve the lips, summon the air, project the tune and conjure the perfect whistle before letting it all out.

A little earlier, Tiktoker Priscilla wa Imani, (in) famous for her shrill public whistles, grabbed the attention of the media-savvy Nairobi Governor after she publicly requested to meet him.

In response, Sakaja took to his TikTok page and requested Priscilla to meet him in his City Hall offices. Obviously, he threw in a couple of awkward whistles just for good measure.

The whistling exchange immediately captured the internet and videos of the two whistling at each other boomeranged across Kenyan TikTok.

Not one to be left out in a fun online game, the former Mombasa Governor, jumped in the fray and decided to take Sakaja back to school on matters whistling.