Governor Sakaja Leads Groundbreaking for City Stadium and Woodly Grounds Construction

Governor Sakaja Leads Groundbreaking for City Stadium and Woodly Grounds Construction

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Nairobi’s iconic City Stadium is set to undergo a transformative reconstruction project, with a budget of 600 million shillings allocated to elevate it to international standards. Governor Johnson Sakaja took center stage today as he presided over the historic ground-breaking ceremony for the stadium’s renovation, a significant step towards fulfilling his commitment to breathe new life into the facility. In a fitting tribute, the stadium will be renamed the Joe Kadenge Stadium, commemorating the legendary footballer.

With an unwavering dedication to ensuring timely completion, Governor Sakaja emphasized that construction efforts would forge ahead ceaselessly. The ambitious venture doesn’t stop here—prior to the City Stadium ceremony, Governor Sakaja commenced proceedings at the Woodly grounds in Kibra constituency. This dual initiative underscores the county government’s resolute dedication to empowering the vibrant youth population of Nairobi, a pivotal demographic.

Governor Sakaja spoke passionately about the rejuvenation endeavor: “This is more than a mere refurbishment; it’s a comprehensive overhaul, a reinvention, all coming together at a cost of 600 million shillings. We’ve collaborated with the revered Joe Kadenge’s family to immortalize him with a statue outside the newly christened stadium.”

Elaborating further, he noted, “The pages of history between Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards are deeply embedded in this stadium, which shall now proudly bear the name Joe Kadenge—a symbol of both teams. It’s a tribute to a legend, an acknowledgment that one of the Mashemeji teams must concede.”

Shifting focus to the Woodly grounds, Governor Sakaja recalled his previous efforts as Nairobi’s senator to ignite construction plans. Today, as the governor, he is gratified to lead the charge in the realization of the Woodly grounds project. Assurances were given that progress would not falter; the looming issue of pending bills would be promptly addressed.

Artistic impressions of the proposed stadium design displayed at the stadium area.

Gathering at City Stadium, renowned football luminaries including Mickey Weche, George Sunguti, and Alfred Chege were honored by Governor Sakaja for their significant contributions. Commending the meticulous preparations spearheaded by Brian Mulama, former County Executive Committee member for Talent and Sports, Sakaja lauded the ongoing dedication of Mulama, who now helms the Works Department, and Rosemary Kariuki, the current CEC for Sports.

Mulama expressed his resolve to execute the stadium projects meticulously, underscoring the county’s commitment to providing deserving sports facilities for the youth.

Rosemary Kariuki, CEC for Talents, Skills Development, and Care, reiterated the county’s commitment to elevate the sports infrastructure to international benchmarks. The upcoming inauguration of the Dandora Stadium on September 2nd, coinciding with the Sakaja Super Cup, promises to be a momentous occasion.

Football Kenya Federation leaders hailed the groundbreaking developments as a much-needed boost for Nairobi’s football scene. FKF President Nick Mwendwa lauded the initiatives, recognizing the significant impact they would have on local football.

Kenn Okaka, a prominent communication strategist and football stakeholder in Nairobi, lauded Governor Sakaja’s unwavering commitment to the region’s sporting future. With the new City Stadium, Woodly grounds, and Dandora Stadium on the horizon, hope is renewed for teams, particularly in Eastlands, where stadium availability has been scarce.

Governor Sakaja’s visionary efforts are poised to redefine Nairobi’s sports landscape, creating a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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