Green Congress of Kenya Launches Nationwide Recruitment Drive

Green Congress of Kenya Launches Nationwide Recruitment Drive

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The Green Congress of Kenya (GCK) has started a nationwide membership recruitment drive to popularise the party and penetrate the country’s political space.

The Green Congress of Kenya, under the leadership of Hillary Alila, has launched a rigorous nationwide recruitment drive, targeting to revive the party’s image and membership base before the country’s 2027 general elections.

“Our goal, is to strengthen our party and lay the groundwork for a coalition that will propel us into government,” Alila said.

This is the first step being undertaken by GCK’s new party leader Hillary Alila to boost the party, three weeks after taking over leadership from former Rangwe Member of Parliament (MP) Martin Ogindo who defected to President William Ruto’s led United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

“The party’s leadership stresses the importance of positioning GCK as the party of choice for both the present and future, implying a long-term strategic vision,” said Alila.

Alila said the party is targeting the youth and individuals from all walks of life, outlining GCK’s efforts to refresh the party’s support base.

The party leader said officials from the Green Congress of Kenya (GCK) are committed in sustaining the party’s nationwide charm offensive as they seek to establish political dominance across the country.

Alila believes GCK will garner the support of a majority of Kenyans to become the most popular party in Kenya and even exceed the fortunes enjoyed by political organizations as big as the ruling United Democratic Alliance (UDA), opposition Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and former ruling parties KANU and Jubilee.

According to Alila, the ongoing recruitment drive will ensure the party extends its political tentacles to every part of the country.

“The  recruitment drive will inject fresh ideas into the party from the newly recruited members, that will help us focus on achieving the common good,” Alila said while reiterating that the party stands for good governance, economic prosperity, social justice, and a sustainable future,” he added.

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