‘I will make Vihiga better and greater as woman rep” declares Winnie Majani.

The race for Vihiga county woman rep seat is slowly gaining momentum.


The incumbent Hon Adagala of Anc is facing stiff competition from Winnie Majani.


Below read how she is going to turn around Vihiga county woman rep office.

Winnie Mqjani

Winnie Majani

Hon. Beatrice Adagala is a lady I have worked with closely and I can give her 100% when it comes to following my Party Leader everywhere, anyhow. That is an ‘admirable’ trait because not many people do that. Excellent Madam. Excellent. It is however something to make her worried because that is no brand. Some of us who believe in HE Musalia Mudavadi don’t have to be following him all over yet we do so much in the background. What actually annoys me is the status of Vihiga County as far as her mandate is concerned. Not so long ago I warned her against giving out plastic chairs and tents to our dignified Mamas in the village at the 11th hour, and when so many years have gone to waste thus retrogression. That is not what we sent her to do in the National Assembly. And that is why I have dared to replace her.

By the way, some people should stop generalizing the way a Woman Representative in Kenya is a complacent human being. That she is a flower girl and etc. We have very able women leaders who heavily deliver in their respective counties. We see them enhance energy solutions amongst rural communities ie affordable gas and easily available “Kuni”. We see them augment capacity for youth(both boys and girls) under various programmes. We see them tap the potential of the disabled and always ensuring that disability is amplified for not being inability. We see those particular Women Representatives speak before the house and objectively so. We see them cement the economic aspect of Women Groups and CBOs. All because of their hunger to see their electorate being served justice. A woman Representative in Kenya has a critical role in social, economic and political aspects of the county(country at large).

2022 is that year (if God allows) that we are going to say NO to the mediocrity and lack of finesse that Beatrice Adagala has splashed our way. Thankfully, her record or lack of it thereof has spoken for itself. We are supporting HE Musalia Mudavadi and we sincerely want the best for him because he’s indeed THE BEST. Supporting ANC doesn’t mean pulling simplistic stunts and wearing an obnoxious attitude. The electorate sent you to BUNGE to legislate properly, do oversight and amicably represent the people of Vihiga.

Less than 11 months. Thankfully.

# Usawamashinani #MamaCountyVihiga2022