Kabando wa Kabando leaves Narc- Kenya

Kabando wa Kabando leaves Narc- Kenya

Kabando wa Kabando former Member of Parliament and 2022 senatorial candidate for Nyeri declared  his departure from Martha Karua’s Narc-Kenya Party. Speaking on 7 Febuary 2023, Kabando  said that the Narc-Kenya party had lost its way in the fight against corruption and impunity.

Kabando claims that he believes in leadership, teamwork, and honesty out of conscience. He says he hate corruption and deceit.

Kabando claimed that Azimio’s most recent rallies and protests were not institutionalized.

Kabando says everyone is aware of his unwavering confidence in Karua to assist Raila in arduous effort to rekindle a national rainbow in order to fight corruption and impunity. Although at the end they did not win, they hoped to fight corruption. Instead the party has failed in his latest actions against corruption.

He promised to hold President Ruto’s increasingly renegade leadership in check in the future.

The high rate at which politicians are moving to Kenya Kwanza has resulted in debate over the politics of betrayal. President Ruto is accused of swallowing the political space.