Mike Sonko: Heal David Sankok and I Will Come to You for Repentance & Salvation.

Mike Sonko: Heal David Sankok and I Will Come to You for Repentance & Salvation.

Mike Sonko jestingly tells Prophet Owour to heal his friend David Sankok who is disabled and had been nominated to the senate in the last dispensation.

“These are great miracles. There’s a God in heaven who heals. My simple humble request to our beloved Prophet Owuor can he also perform a miracle on our brother Hon. David Ole Sangok the EALA M.P?” Mike Sonko tweeted.

Sonko made the remarks on Twitter after news broke on social media that Prophet Owour had healed many cripples during his mega crusade in Bomet which had been attended by many leaders including Linet Toto, Barchok, and Peter Salasya.

In his tweet, Sonko claimed that if Prophet Owour healed his friend David Sankok, he will go to him, confess his sins and give his life to God forever.

“If he’s healed I will go straight to the prophet and repent all my sins and get saved to become a born-again Christian. Let’s all pray for this great miracle to happen,” Sonko added.

Mike Sonko’s statement came a few months after the former nominated senator said that he does not sit in the first row in the church because men of God might perform a miracle and be healed which he does not want because he uses his disability to earn a living.

Prophet Owour became the talk of the day after videos of his convoy entering Bomet town surfaced online. The convoy was being led by a police car and two escort traffic bikes. The convoy also had tens of escort vehicles some of them being Mercedes models and other high-class cars.