“Mudavadi’s Presidential Bid  is Unstoppable”Declares Gumo

“Mudavadi’s Presidential Bid  is Unstoppable”Declares Gumo

Mudavadi’s presidential bid  is unstoppable’Declares Nairobi county Anc cordinator James Gumo as he warns Shimoli of scuttlling the plan

The Amani National Congress (ANC) Nairobi county party cordinator Mr James Gumo has stated that  Mudavadi’s presidential bid is unstoppable.

Speaking at ANC party headquarters, Gumo lashed out at a section of Luhya leaders who over the weekend issued a statement dismissing ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi his Ford Kenya counterparty Moses Wetangula and 2022 presidential candidate and former Trade and Industry minister Dr Mukhisa Kituyi.

Speaking in Kakamega, WeKOL a group comprising of Western Kenya Key Opinion leaders under the spokesmanship of city businessman Richard Ekhalie, the group gave the three Luhya presidential hopefuls  a red card for not spearheading the communities interest.

In a rebuttal, the ANC Nairobi county cordinator Mr James Gumo termed their red card laughable and empty threat.

The purported redcard by Mr Shimoli and his grouping is laughable and can only be attributed to idle bar talk. Mudavadi is beyond Luhyas now, he is busy traversing the nation seeking votes far qnd wide. Shimoli and his ilk should give us a break. How comes they are giving everybody a red card without offering solutions? Quiped Gumo.

Gumo  warned the anti Mudavadi forces in Western.”We shall demonstrate against any anti Mudavadi forced in Mulembe Nation, this should sound as a warning to Shimoli and his cronies“.

The tough talking Gumo has vowed to rally Nairobi behind Mudavad’s ANC and deliver at least five constituencies and 25 ward seats.

James Gumo with ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi and Secretary General Simon Gikuru.

“Together with our new party Secretary General Wakili Symon Kamau Gikuru, we want to take ANC to the people. Time for action is now and we want to invite everybody to work together with us into achieving this dream” added Gumo.