Nairobi County Workers Union Calls for Vigilance Against Resurgent Cartels; Backs Governor Sakaja’s Stance

Nairobi County Workers Union Calls for Vigilance Against Resurgent Cartels; Backs Governor Sakaja’s Stance

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In a recent development, the Kenya County Government Workers Union has raised concerns over the resurgence of faceless cartels seeking to disrupt operations within Nairobi County. The union has alleged that these cartels have set their sights on the County’s Finance department, potentially causing havoc in the governance system.

Union officials Festus Ngari and Calvince Okello issued a statement highlighting the threat posed by these shadowy entities. The officials expressed concerns that if allowed to operate unchecked, these cartels could potentially derail the progress made under Governor Johnson Sakaja’s leadership.

“The faceless cartels, in conjunction with rogue county officials, are the same individuals responsible for destabilizing previous regimes due to their insatiable appetite for misappropriating public funds for personal gain,” the statement read.

The Kenya County Government Workers Union has urged Governor Sakaja to stand firm against what they’ve termed “evil maneuvers” orchestrated by these cartels. The union emphasized that giving in to the cartels’ agenda could lead to a return to a time when staff salaries were delayed due to financial mismanagement.

Officials from the workers union further emphasized that the progress made under Governor Sakaja’s tenure, particularly in ensuring timely salaries, could be jeopardized if the cartels regain their foothold. The union pledged its support to the Sakaja-led administration’s efforts to reform and streamline operations within the county.

This renewed concern about cartels comes in the wake of Governor Sakaja’s recent declaration of war against groups involved in illegal land grabs. Speaking at a public event, Sakaja reaffirmed his commitment to reclaiming public land from these entities that have historically disrupted the city’s peaceful environment.

Sakaja’s stance is in line with his prior convictions. Before assuming the Nairobi gubernatorial seat, he expressed the belief that cartels were often used as excuses by leaders who failed to deliver on their promises. He urged for a more direct approach in tackling these issues rather than involving them in the governance process.

Nairobi County has a history of grappling with cartels, which have been accused of causing financial mismanagement, delaying essential services, and sabotaging the efforts of multiple administrations. However, despite these allegations, tangible actions against these entities have been limited.

As Governor Sakaja approaches his one-year mark in office, the spotlight remains on how his administration will tackle the resurgent cartels and maintain its commitment to efficient governance and public service delivery. The county workers union’s call for vigilance and support underscores the importance of addressing this issue effectively for the betterment of Nairobi’s residents and future prosperity.

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