Nairobi County’s Health Sector Transformation Marks Remarkable One-Year Success Under Governor Sakaja’s Leadership

Nairobi County’s Health Sector Transformation Marks Remarkable One-Year Success Under Governor Sakaja’s Leadership

Leading the Way: Nairobi County Sets National Standard in Health Sector

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In just one year since assuming office in 2022, Governor Johnson Sakaja’s administration has achieved substantial progress in revolutionizing Nairobi County’s healthcare sector. Spearheading this achievement is Geoffrey Mosiria, the Chief Officer for Health Facilities, who has played a pivotal role in realizing the county government’s health agenda, greatly benefiting the residents of Nairobi.

At the forefront of Governor Sakaja’s commitment is the revitalization of Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, the county’s largest medical facility. This endeavor includes the establishment of the city’s first Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and a blood bank, signifying a monumental stride towards advanced medical care. Health County Executive Committee member Suzanne Silantoi and Chief Officer Geoffrey Mosiria’s dedicated oversight of hospital operations have significantly contributed to this transformation.

Mr. Mosiria emphasized, “Governor Sakaja’s vision has driven our efforts to achieve substantial milestones in the past year, visible and tangible to every citizen of Nairobi.”

A recent documentary aired on August 27, 2023, highlights the Sakaja administration’s outstanding achievements, positioning the county as a leader in the national health sector. Noteworthy accomplishments over the year include the establishment of the first ICU unit in a public hospital at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, alongside the introduction of a blood bank for prompt transfusions.

The Mbagathi District Hospital has witnessed remarkable improvements, including the installation of a functional incinerator, a state-of-the-art neonatal unit with ICU facilities, and upgraded washrooms, maternity theaters, and sanitary amenities.

The administration’s endeavors have extended to the Pumwani Maternity Hospital, which now boasts patient lifts and a standby generator. Additionally, City Mortuary has undergone a transformation, now renamed Nairobi Funeral Home, offering enhanced facilities including new coolers and cold room doors, aimed at dignified send-offs.

Addressing staff welfare, the county government has augmented remuneration to boost morale, while the Highridge Health Center has been equipped with a cancer diagnostic center, emphasizing comprehensive healthcare provision.

Further advances are evident at Sinai Memorial Center, where a rehabilitation facility has been established, and across several other health centers, benefiting from this transformative agenda.

Governor Sakaja’s leadership has expedited health product procurement and embraced technology for efficient healthcare delivery. The county procured 244 million health commodities, ensuring timely distribution to all health facilities, and acquired laboratory equipment to enhance medical diagnostics.

Embracing digitization, Nairobi County procured 223 computers, bio-metric and fingerprint scanners for 94 health facilities, streamlining NHIF refunds and reinforcing self-sustainability.

Mr. Mosiria affirmed the administration’s commitment, stating that under Governor Sakaja’s guidance, the health systems will continuously evolve, guaranteeing superior medical care access for all city residents within the county’s health facilities. This one-year milestone is testament to a journey of transformation that holds promise for a healthier and brighter future for Nairobi County.

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