Nairobi Social Audit Network Applauds Governor Sakaja’s Vigorous Anti-Corruption Campaign

Nairobi Social Audit Network Applauds Governor Sakaja’s Vigorous Anti-Corruption Campaign

Governor's Relentless Efforts to Eradicate Corruption Earn Praise and Public Confidence

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In a resolute stance against corruption, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has garnered praise from the Nairobi County Social Audit Network for his unyielding battle against entrenched graft networks within the county. The forum, dedicated to scrutinizing policy decisions, lauded Sakaja’s commitment to uprooting corruption, labeling it a cornerstone of his administration’s legacy.

Members of the forum emphasized that Governor Sakaja’s relentless efforts to combat corruption mark a significant departure from past administrations’ struggles to tackle the issue effectively. Their endorsement comes after a comprehensive evaluation that ranked Sakaja as the best-performing governor, a testament to his endeavors to streamline the county’s operations and purge it of corruption.

The Nairobi County Social Audit Network applauded Sakaja’s fearless approach in confronting corruption cartels head-on. They acknowledged that although corruption might push back, the Governor’s unwavering determination, coupled with the support of Nairobi’s residents, is poised to secure victory in this crucial battle.

In the recent performance survey covering December 2022 to April 2023, Sakaja’s administration received an impressive score of 8/10. This commendable rating was largely attributed to the county’s stabilized operations, achieved through the Governor’s bipartisan approach and effective working formula.

Governor Sakaja’s war on corrupt cartels has spared no one, even leading to the removal of former County Attorney Lydia Kwamboka, a key figure in these corrupt networks. Kwamboka, accused of being part of a cartel that embezzled billions from public coffers, was impeached by the County Assembly in 2021 but later returned to office. The Governor’s firm stance against Kwamboka’s corrupt practices earned him further accolades.

The Nairobi County Social Audit Network underscored that despite facing numerous challenges, the Governor’s commitment to the County Development Plans remained unwavering. The public’s input during the social audit process contributed significantly to the upward trajectory. The network highlighted the progress in Budget Processes, Development Plans down to the ward levels, and the determined fight against corruption as the county’s most notable achievements.

Governor Sakaja’s resolute pursuit of corrupt individuals within City Hall, including assembly members and influential businessmen implicated in corruption, land grabbing, and fake tenders, has rekindled hopes for a transparent and accountable county government, ultimately safeguarding public funds.

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