Nairobi Speaker Mutura leads UDA vote hunt in Makadara

Nairobi Speaker Mutura leads UDA vote hunt in Makadara

Nairobi, Sunday 12th June, 2022: Nairobi County Assembly Speaker and former Makadara Member of Parliament Benson Mutura has rallied the residents of Nairobi to vote for United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party candidates in Nairobi.

Speaking while campaigning for the UDA Makadara MP candidate Anthony Waithaka, the former area legislator asked voters in Nairobi to turn-up in their numbers to vote for Waithaka and other UDA candidates as well as Deputy President William Ruto in the Presidential race noting that UDA represent the aspirations of the common man.

Mutura described Waithaka as a development conscious leader while disseminating the bottom up agenda to the residents. He described UDA’s bottom up economic model as a people oriented policy to help the people of Kenya especially the low income earners and jobless majority.

Mutura who is not contesting for any seat is expected to defend his position as speaker after the August 9th polls even though pundits believe he is being prepared for a bigger position if DP Ruto wins the Presidency.

Benson Mutura is largely viewed as the Makadara MP who initiated the best development projects in the area including the modernization of the Jericho Toyoyo sports ground.

Opinion polls carried out in Makadara indicate that majority of Makadara residents believe Mutura is he the best MP they have had so far and by far, better than the current MP.