Nairobi City County Emerges Victorious at Kenya Inter-Counties Sports Competition in Meru

Nairobi City County Emerges Victorious at Kenya Inter-Counties Sports Competition in Meru

Nairobi City County Shines at Tenth Edition of Inter-County Sports and Cultural Association Games in Meru

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Meru County, Kenya – In a thrilling display of talent and determination, the Nairobi City County government emerged as the overall winners at the tenth edition of the annual Kenya Inter-Counties Sports and Cultural Association (KICOSCA) games held in Meru County.

The week-long event, which commenced on Monday, August 20, concluded on Saturday, August 26, with competitions taking place across six venues including Kinoru Stadium, Meru TTC, Meru Polytechnic, KEMU University, Meru University, and Meru School.

The participating counties showcased their prowess in a wide range of sports including football, handball, basketball, netball, squash, badminton, tug of war, scrabble, chess, volleyball, pool, ajua, golf, table tennis, and darts. Additionally, a cultural dance and choir competition added a vibrant touch to the festivities.

The Nairobi County Executive Committee member (CEC) for Talents, Skills Development, and Care, Rosemary Kariuki, expressed her heartfelt congratulations to the victorious team, commending their exceptional performance and unwavering determination. She emphasized that their triumph served as an inspiration to the entire county, highlighting the continuous support provided by the Nairobi City County government to sports activities.

Kariuki, accompanied by other county government officials including her predecessor in the Sports docket, Brian Mulama, who now oversees Mobility and Works, and the Chief Officer for Talents, Skills Development, and Care, Oscar Igaida, extended her gratitude to Governor Johnson Sakaja for his steadfast support. She acknowledged Sakaja’s commitment to sports and talent development, citing his support for sports projects and urging other teams to follow his lead.

Governor Sakaja, who has been instrumental in the development of Talents, Skills Development, and Care, expressed his congratulations to the victorious Nairobi County team. He issued a warning to other counties, asserting that they should prepare for Nairobi’s dominance in the sports arena. Sakaja highlighted the groundbreaking ceremonies at Woodley grounds, Joe Kadenge Stadium, and the ongoing construction of Dandora Stadium as significant milestones in the county’s commitment to sports infrastructure and support for county teams.

With their resounding victory at the KICOSCA games, Team Nairobi has raised the county’s flag high, solidifying their position as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of sports. As the celebrations continue, other counties are left to ponder their strategies in the face of Nairobi’s unwavering determination to excel.

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