“No Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate, No Service,” Govt Invokes Public Health Act

“No Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate, No Service,” Govt Invokes Public Health Act

“You will also be required to show proof of Covid vaccination to get  government services, access public places such as parks, hotels and restaurants, bars, domestic flights, trains and PSVs,” the Ministry of Health has warned.

The Ministry of Health Cabinet Administrative Secretary (CAS) Dr.  Mercy Mwangangi,  said the government is invoking the Public Health Act to effect the orders.

The Ministry of Health is watering down a court order that stopped the government from demanding for the vaccination certificate, the ministry of health has said it is now invoking the Public Heath Act.

This is a law that gives government sweeping powers to issue various directives related to health especially when there is a pandemic.

The High court had issued an order stopping the directive by the government requiring everybody seeking in person government services to be fully vaccinated.

Mwangangi said that National Emergency Response Committee (NERC) is currently invoking the Public Health Act to ensure that all people seeking the government services are fully vaccinated.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe had given up to December 21 for Kenyans to get vaccinated and produce a Covid-19 certificate before accessing government facilities.

In her address on Wednesday on the state of the Covid-19 in the country, Mwangangi said that such measures will ensure that the surging virus is mitigated.

Earlier, speaking on Tuesday in Mau Summit, Nakuru county during a sensitization exercise on road safety, Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna said without the certificate, Kenyans will need to make a phone call to get government services as the CS for Health had indicated earlier.

“The person who is giving you services in a government office has their own life, so if you are vaccinated you protect your life and the life of that person you will find there,” he said.

Oguna gave his own experience where he was hospitalized with severe illness when he contracted Covid-19 last year.