ODM MCA Alvin Palapala slams Raila over opposition rallies

ODM MCA Alvin Palapala slams Raila over opposition rallies

The Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party leader Raila Odinga has begun to lose ground in Nairobi.

This development has arisen after a section of his ODM and Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance members began to castigate the opposition leader over his continued resistance against the government and President William Ruto.

Kitisuru ward Member of the County Assembly Alvin Olando Palapala has castigated ODM Leader Raila Odinga for holding what he terms ‘meaningless’ rallies, intending to disturb business activities in the capital.

The MCA, who was elected for the third time on an ODM ticket noted that Kenyans are tired of Raila’s antics and are not willing to keep up with his never-ending politics.

“While we should be working hard to deliver to the people who elected us, Raila is calling us to attend his rallies, which for me is a waste of time. How can you say you don’t recognize William Ruto as President yet he was elected by the people? Raila should be talking about the High cost of living, the sudden rise in school fees, and such things rather than giving us old tired stories of abunuwasi and paupwa pakawa”

Alvin, who is the chairman of the planning committee at the Nairobi County, assembly courtesy of ODM and Azimio, said he will not attend such meetings aimed at destabilizing the Ruto administration.

True to his words Alvin did not attend the Kamukunji rally and the meetings held by Raila for grassroot leaders at Jaramogi Oginga Centre.

Alvin, who is warming up to join ANC and contest for the Wetlands Parliamentary seats currently held by Hon Tim Wanyonyi, is at loggerheads with Nairobi Central business CBD shoe shine business operators.

Alvin is believed to have already fabricated shoe shine shades and is working with the Chief officer for planning at Nairobi City County to remove shades operated by the others and have his placed in strategic areas within the CBD.

The recently appointed CO who is a former director in the department is a close ally of Alvin who does his dirty job and in return, Alvin promises him political goodwill and support.

The Chief Officer also affiliated with ANC has already shown interest to vie for the Makadara parliamentary seat in 2027 on a Kenya Kwanza ticket.

Alvin, who has also castigated his fellow Azimio MCAs for attending Raila rallies is always seen with the said chief officer with the word on street indicating that they are really busy making money to go contest for political seats in the next general election.