President Ruto vows not to engage in political duel with Raila

President Ruto vows not to engage in political duel with Raila

President Ruto vows not to engage in political duel with Raila

President William Ruto promises  not to engage in  a political duel with the azimio ledear Raila. Ruto says that he has he is busy serving Kenyans who elected him.

The President said he has his work cut out for him, which requires him to serve each and every Kenyan despite their political affiliation.

According to the President, he has his work cut out for him and must serve every Kenyan, regardless of their party membership.

Ruto slammed the opposition head, stating that his administration would collaborate with leaders from across all political spectrum to advance development.

Ruto instructs the other squad to take a seat and watch as I demonstrate how to work. They absolutely ultimately failed. They ought to settle down.  The president goes on to tell them that the prize of maize flour does not drops at the supermarket, But through providing fertiliser to farmers, which he has already started.

According to Ruto, his administration will make sure that every Kenyan is included in his development strategies. His comments were in response to Azimio leader Raila Odinga’s call for protests after he said he does not recognize Ruto’s presidency.

Ruto asserts that his government is unable to engage in a debate with them. He continues to maintain that this nation does not belong to just two people.

President Ruto was joined by his deputy Rigathi Gachagua as they spoke at the groundbreaking of an affordable housing project in Shauri Moyo, Nairobi City County.


3,000 apartments with studio, one, two, and three bedrooms will be built as part of the project, which will also generate roughly 5,000 jobs.

The National Government, according to the President, and 39 counties have agreed to participate in the scheme for affordable housing.


By ensuring that the two million Kenyans who reside in informal settlements have access to affordable housing at the going rent rates, Ruto’s administration will seek to improve Nairobi’s slums.

In order to revitalize Nairobi, he claimed, the government plans to build 50,000 homes in the Makongeni neighborhood.


As part of his objective for affordable housing, Ruto stated that his administration plans to build 200,000 apartments annually.

Ruto stated that his administration’s priorities are to revive the economy and bring Kenyans together, and he asked Kenya Kwanza leaders to prevent their rivals from sowing the seeds of discord in order to thwart their plans.