Promax Awards MultiChoice for Championing Fight Against Content Piracy in 2023

Promax Awards MultiChoice for Championing Fight Against Content Piracy in 2023

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MultiChoice, Africa’s leading entertainment company, has been recognized as a leader in creativity and social responsibility at the prestigious Promax Awards 2023.

Its pioneering campaign, “Piracy Untells Our Stories”, has received multiple awards across various categories, including Best Directing, Best Music Composition, Best Sound Design, Best Animation Design, Best Visual FX; Compositing, and Best Public Service Announcement.

The acclaimed anti-piracy TV commercial that spearheaded the campaign features the powerful participation of MultiChoice’s top-tier talent from local shows across its various countries. This collaborative effort has been instrumental in delivering a strong message to audiences about the damaging effects of piracy on the African creative industry.

Content piracy continues to threaten the very existence of the creative sector, with a Parks Associates report indicating that the value of pirate video services will exceed Sh10.1 trillion ( $67 billion) globally this year. This alarming figure indicates not just a significant financial loss but also the end of thousands of jobs and the loss of African storytelling.

In Africa, piracy’s presence is alarming, with millions of visits to piracy sites recorded over short periods, threatening the very foundation of the continent’s cultural narrative.

Kenyan government is estimated to lose a staggering Sh17 billion annually in potential revenue –Value Added Tax, Corporation Tax, and income tax for both residents and non-residents.

Partners Against Piracy (PAP), a multi-sectoral association formed to fight against digital piracy, estimates that online piracy costs the country’s creative economy approximately Sh92 billion annually in gross losses.

Developing an award-winning message

MultiChoice’s”Piracy Untells Our Stories” campaign has been a labour of love and commitment. Director of Photography Samuel Thanyika and Script Supervisor Betty Ngulume are among the many talented individuals whose lives have been significantly changed by the opportunities in the industry.

They, like many others, have joined hands in this initiative, driven by a shared passion to protect the stories that shape and reflect the diverse culture of African life.

Safeguarding Africa’s creative future
The campaign extends beyond the confines of storytelling – it is an urgent call to action. MultiChoice’s initiative highlights the necessity to preserve not only the jobs that bring these stories to life but also the rich cultural heritage they represent. As the creative economy in Africa hangs in the balance, MultiChoice stands at the forefront of this challenge, advocating for the protection of the industry and the communities it supports. MultiChoice’s ongoing commitment to growing local talent and investing in the creative sector has been instrumental in the expansion and development of the African entertainment landscape. The company’s dedication is illustrated through initiatives like Africa Magic, which has contributed over $85 million to local content, and by extension, to various sectors that boost the continent’s economy.

Uniting against piracy

Through this award-winning campaign, MultiChoice calls upon viewers to stand in solidarity against piracy, to protect the livelihoods of the continent’s creatives, and to promote the continued celebration and sharing of African stories.

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