Raila promises to scrap off student loans debt should he ascend to power.

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)  leader Raila Odinga has promised to scrap off student loan debt owed to the government, should he ascend the presidency in 2022.

The former Prime Minister who was speaking at a whistle-stop rally during tour of Nairobi county on Wednesday, stated that he will lead the nation to a journey of economic recovery, a journey he has christened as the third liberation.

“We will give the lowly placed persons enabling environment to start business. I will ensure the youths are equipped with skills that can earn them job opportunities in different fields. We will also scrap off students loan debt owed to the government,” he said.

The ODM supremo also assured Kenyans that he will ensure that prices are brought down.

“I have come here to announce, because I know there is an economic depression prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic. I know that the cost of living has shot up, prices of commodities have hit the ceiling. I promise you better days for transforming our economy,” he added.