Rigathi Gachagua Unable to Tell the Cost of Keresone: “I Don’t Go to Supermarket”

Rigathi Gachagua Unable to Tell the Cost of Keresone: “I Don’t Go to Supermarket”

Kenya Kwanza Alliance running mate Rigathi Gachagua has said that he does not know the price of kerosene because he does not go to the supermarket.

Gachagua was speaking at the deputy presidential debate at the Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA).
With the skyrocketing cost of living, Gachagua seemed to lack the basic information on the cost of common household commodities like kerosene.

Journalist James Smart boxed Gachagua to the corner when he sought to find out if the politician knew the current retail price of milk.

In his response, the Mathira MP admitted he was not sure about the price since retailers and wholesalers have varying prices.

“The farmer sells at KSh 42 at the supermarkets; some places are KSh 120 per litre, others are KSh 130 depending on where it is,”he stated.

When the moderator pressed him further, demanding to know if he has any idea about how much Kenyans pay for kerosene, Gachagua simply replied he does not go shopping in supermarkets.

“I do not go to the supermarket,” he added.

Gachagua also pointed out that the current state of the economy will be eased if Kenya Kwanza Alliance wins the presidency because their manifesto has laid down strategies that will help cushion Kenyans against economic shocks.

“In our first 100 days, we will bring down the cost of living, bring down the cost of fertilizers from KSh 6,500 to KSh 2,500, and employ 116,000 teachers,” an optimistic Gachagua said.

On her side, Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party Martha Karua said that the government was already implementing a subsidy on fertilizer to enable farmers to spend less on their farm inputs.

“My friend Gachagua doesn’t know that currently, the Jubilee government has a fertilizer subsidy, and a bag is retailing at KSh 2,900. The only problem is with the distribution,” Karua said.

Kenyans have complained of the high standard of living while the government blamed it on the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic and ongoing Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Kenyans have taken to social media to condemn the government for briefly reducing the cost of maize flour and hiking it again in less than 24 hours.