“Rise up and Lead Kenya,” Safina’s Jimmy Wanjigi Dares Luos to Take Over Leadership

“Rise up and Lead Kenya,” Safina’s Jimmy Wanjigi Dares Luos to Take Over Leadership

The Safina party presidential candidate Jimmy Wanjigi is rooting for the Luo community to lead Kenya.

Wanjigi who sought to wrestle the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) presidential ticket from the party leader Raila Odinga said he is ready to have a conversation with members of the Luo community and strategise on how they can seize power.

“I will keep on coming here and having conversation on how this region can come to power,” he said.

Speaking in Siaya at the weekend, Wanjigi said the Luo community had the potential to lead the country and asked them not to give up on the presidency.

Since independence, Luo leaders seeking for the presidency have been unsuccessful in their bids including Raila five times, his father the doyen Jaramogi Oginga Odinga (1992) and Siaya Governor James Orengo in 2002.

“All is not lost you must be in the annals of power and there are many ways of skinning a cat it’s not one way, let’s rise up together and seize the opportunity of a Luo leading this country,” said Wanjigi.

Wanjigi who was stoned and crucified in his bid for the presidency by wanting to battle Raila in the ODM presidential nominations before decamping to Safina said he has no hard feelings and he still had the interests of the Luos at heart.

“Am very fond of this region and you are in my heart, even if you stoned me I will still come back again and again,” said Wanjijgi.

Wanjigi who had appointed head of the 2017 Raila presidential secretariat  Willis Otieno famed for resorting to singing “Piki Piki Ponki” popular nursery rythm in his submissions at the Supreme Court in a case challenging the election of Dr William Ruto as president is from the Luo community.

Wanjigi’s vision statement for Luos, comes a day afte Azimio leader Raila Odinga accused President William Ruto of punishing the Luo community for their political stand in the last elections.

Raila said his political rivalry with Ruto has seen members of the Luo community locked out from stage appointments made by Ruto in the recent weeks.

The former Presidential candidate said Luos, like any other Kenyan communities, have a right to get government appointments because they too pay taxes.

Speaking when he presided over the official opening of Kigoto Maize Milling Plant on Friday, November 4th , 2022 Raila said Ruto should face him instead of punishing the entire community.

“You cannot leave Luos out of government in the name of fighting Raila just because they didn’t vote for you, they too pay taxes,” Raila said.

“You should instead face Raila and not the innocent community.”

The Azimio chief maintained the government should serve all Kenyans equally not withstanding their voting patterns.

“Luos also pay taxes, we want to see equality,” he said.