Sakaja Runs Successful Dishi na County Test

Sakaja Runs Successful Dishi na County Test

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Nairobi’s Governor has affirmed the readiness of the Nairobi County school feeding program, “Dishi Na County,” for implementation.

Governor Sakaja led a successful test run of Dishi na County, where 60,000 meals were served at City Hall and select schools across the county. The program is preparing to launch in the beginning of the school’s third term.

Sakaja stated that his administration is fully prepared for the program and is committed to ensuring its resounding success.

“We have decided to ensure our children eat, get satisfied, and learn,” Sakaja declared during the test run, where he personally served meals to children from various schools in the county, donning an apron and using a serving spoon.

Nairobi County’s Executive Committee Member for Health, Wellness, and Nutrition, Silantoi Suzanne, announced the county government’s readiness to roll out the program. The initiative will provide a hot meal to all primary school pupils in public schools across Nairobi, starting from the third term on August 28, 2023.

“We’re about to make a significant change! Starting from August 28th, we will be providing lunch to our children in public ECDE and primary schools. As a county government, we are excited to ensure the nutritional well-being of our children. This motivates us to contribute to the development of a healthy generation for a healthier population tomorrow,” Silantoi emphasized.

Briam Mulama, the CEC (Chief Executive Committee) counterpart responsible for Works and Mobility, also participated in the test drive alongside the governor. Mulama explained that the program aims to relieve parents of concerns about their children’s lunchtime meals while ensuring the children remain in school.

The Dishi Na County food sampling showcased the exact meals that will be prepared and served to the pupils, demonstrating the county’s readiness. “Governor Sakaja has spearheaded this effort, and we have shown the country that we are prepared to launch. The experience was superb, and the food was delicious,” Mulama commented.

More than 250,000 pupils are set to benefit from nutritious, delicious, and hot meals provided by the county government. Patrick Analo, the Nairobi County acting secretary and Chief Officer in the department of urban development and planning, who also advises the Governor on land and planning matters, was present during the exercise.

Nairobi residents have lauded this move as a game-changer and a significant relief for parents burdened by the high cost of living.

“I’m confident this is a significant relief for Nairobi parents. In the next 10 years, Nairobi will reach an unprecedented level within the nation,” said Olwal Olwal, a Nairobi resident who expressed his elation.

Kenn Okaka, a communications strategist based in Nairobi, praised the Dishi na County program as a transformative initiative, particularly for Nairobi’s informal settlements where it will enhance education levels.

“I want to express my gratitude to Governor Sakaja for the Dishi na County program. As someone born and raised in Eastlands, I believe this will be a complete game-changer in the education sector,” Okaka remarked.

“I understand the challenges we faced as children in primary school in Nairobi. By providing this sense of food security to children, academic performance will improve, and parents will have fewer worries as their children will have already had lunch. This initiative will not only positively impact learning but also the mental health of both children and parents. The Governor is addressing social, economic, and health factors in society through this program. It’s a remarkable initiative, and I’m eagerly anticipating its implementation,” Okaka added.

The construction of the 10 model kitchens for the school feeding program is nearly 90% complete, and the contractors are prepared to hand over the kitchens. These kitchens will facilitate meal delivery to over 250,000 children in public schools, as promised during the launch presided over by President William Ruto in Roysambu Constituency.

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