SasaPay Rolls-Out Cashless Fare Payment for Matatu

SasaPay Rolls-Out Cashless Fare Payment for Matatu

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SasaPay, a leading digital payments service provider, has announced the rollout of SasaPay Fare Collection Tills, a game-changing cashless payment system designed specifically for the matatu industry.

The SasaPay Tills represents a leap forward in modernizing transport payments, offering convenience, transparency, and financial accountability to matatu operators and passengers alike.

Matatu Operators are simply required to register with SasaPay to receive a dedicated Till number through which the passengers make their bus fare payments. The Till accepts payments from SasaPay users and from all other networks.

Matatu owners or operators can track fare collection in real-time, enhancing financial transparency.

Passengers, on the other hand, are required to download the SasaPay app which very user friendly and make payment swiftly and securely.

The primary advantage of adopting the SasaPay Till is accountability. Matatu owners and Sacco administrators can effortlessly monitor and manage all fare collections, eliminating the risks associated with cash handling and significantly enhancing financial transparency," said Ms Cathrine Mwihaki, Head of Customer Success and Marketing.

Already, OMA Sacco, a transport line that operates electric buses on the Buru Buru and Nairobi City Centre route, has fully embraced Collection Till by SasaPay.

To encourage the widespread adoption of the SasaPay Platform, SasaPay has launched an enticing referral campaign. This campaign targets matatu drivers and conductors of OMA Sacco. Each time they successfully onboard a SasaPay customer, they will receive an instant credit of Sh30 to their SasaPay account.

Mr George Githinji, OMA Chairman shared his experience stating, “Our customers have wholeheartedly accepted the SasaPay Platform and now pay their fares with ease. I highly recommend SasaPay to fellow matatu industry stakeholders, particularly Saccos, as it not only mitigates security risks associated with cash handling but also offers cost-effective payment solutions.”

Ms Pauline Mueni, OMA Sacco conductor said, “With SasaPay, once the payment is made, its final. We inform our passengers that we’ve gone cashless, and they appreciate the simplicity.”

SasaPay continues to lead the change in transforming payment systems within the matatu industry, streamlining operations, and enhancing the overall passenger experience.

Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research Analysis (Kippra) shows that about 3 million Nairobi residents use matatus to their places of work daily

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