Starehe MP aspirant John Mugo outlines manifesto ahead of nominations

Starehe MP aspirant John Mugo outlines manifesto ahead of nominations

Thursday, March 24th, 2022: Starehe Constituency MP Aspirant John Mugo has outlined his agenda for the area he is seeking to represent saying that it is time to restore the lost glory of Starehe.

Noting that the choices made now will determine successes or failures of the people, Mugo has put healthcare, education, security, waste management and youth and women empowerment as the key areas he will focus on once he is elected to parliament.

Mugo, who is seeking to bag the Jubilee party ticket will be squaring it out with several other aspirants in a bid to unseat the current Starehe MP Charles Kanyi popularly known as Jaguar.

“The people we elect means a lot to us especially the Starehe constituency which is the City Centre. Let’s vote for leaders who understand what leadership is and management is at their fingertips. Let’s not make a joke with our constituency leadership because this is the constituency that controls the business hub of Nairobi,” Mugo said.

Water and sanitation, job creation, affordable business levies, a robust juakali sector and creating a modern city are the other key areas that Mugo has promised to tackle as outlined in his blue print.

As part of his empowerment agenda, Mugo recently donated a car wash machine to the youths working at Go Getter Boyz car wash in Matopeni area.

The machine had been promised when the Starehe aspirant met the car wash representatives after a fire incident that razed down their houses.

The youths expressed gratitude and promised to work with Mugo, they pledged their support to him win the incoming Jubilee party primaries.