Superfoam Gifts Top Mukuyu Primary School Pupils with Mattresses

Superfoam Gifts Top Mukuyu Primary School Pupils with Mattresses

Mukuyu Primary School pupils smiled all the way to bed after Superfoam Limited donated mattresses and pillows which were given as prizes to top learners during the school’s prize-giving event on July 16th, 2021.

“We are more than pleased to empower and motivate these young students in their journey towards realizing their dreams. Well-rested students translate into action and more enthusiastic children in class and by our donation, we are positive that the students’ performance and output will definitely improve” says Consolate Ademson- HR Superfoam Ltd.

Mukuyu Primary School is located at Prison Training College, Ruiru with 780 students and 17 teachers.

The school is run by the national government and is a mixed type of institution.

The school is Superfoam’s immediate neighbor.

“We are very thankful to Superfoam Ltd for showing such a kind gesture to Mukuyu Primary School and the community at large. Our students are highly motivated as they continue to excel in their studies.” Jennifer- Headteacher Mukuyu Primary School.

Superfoam Ltd supports many initiatives that deal with children’s physical, social, mental & educational growth across Kenya.

Sleep is extremely critical for the healthy growth and development of children and if opportunities to quality sleep do not match a child’s needs, this impacts their overall growth.

Superfoam Ltd is one of Kenya’s Largest Mattresses manufacturers for over 37 years, it has proven to be supportive of its neighbouring community through its constant generous donations and support.