Tatua3 Saves the Elderly from Chilly Weather with Blankets

Tatua3 Saves the Elderly from Chilly Weather with Blankets

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A group of elderly people from the community in Laikipia East received a donation of blankets from Tatua3 Foundation to cushion them from the cold weather season.

Tatua3 Foundation gave them blankets and food. The old people went home smiling after the donation, happy to be remembered in this cold season.

 Led by the foundation’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Joan Mwaura, the organisation held a special event to donate blankets to the elderly, providing them with warmth and comfort during the chilly weather.

“Our aim today is to extend a helping hand and show them that they are valued and cared for. The donation of blankets is a small gesture, but it is a symbol of our commitment to their well-being,” Dr Mwaura said.

 Dr Mwaura further urged communities to take collective responsibility for the care and protection of the elderly, noting that the noble duty of caring for the elderly should not be neglected or left to chance.

 “Communities should come together and create an environment of respect, understanding, and support for our elderly population. Let us replace prejudice with compassion and create a society where every individual, regardless of age, feels safe and valued,” Dr Mwaura added.

The elderly and other residents of Wamaru, Wachahiri, Munyaka and Kabau -ini in Laikipia East receiving relief food from Tatua3 Foundation

The event not only delivered much-needed blankets to the elderly but also delivered a message of hope and solidarity.

The elderly recipients expressed their gratitude for the gesture, appreciating the significance of such acts of kindness in making them feel acknowledged and recognised.

Apart from the blankets vulnerable families in Wamaru, Wachahiri, Munyaka and Kabau -ini benefitted from the relief food from the Tatua3 Foundation dished out by the foundation’s boss Dr Joan Mwaura and the area Member of Parliament Mwangi Kiunjuri who served as the Agriculture minister in the past under the former President Uhuru Kenyatta administration.

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