The Numbers Game, the mysteries, the million Lies  and the billion truths

The Numbers Game, the mysteries, the million Lies and the billion truths

In her words , Cs Amina Mohammed clearly stated to the parliamentary committee on sports that the government had spent a staggering 23.5b Kenya shillings to build stadias around the country.

This is a fact, the national government allocated over 23b shillings to have stadias constructed across the country from scratch while others were to go through renovation processes.

It is true that of the 23b , 1 billion shillings was used to renovate Nyayo stadium.

It is also true that even after consuming 1b shillings Nyayo stadium has not been , was not fitted with floodlights.

Truth is floodlights was part of the renovation budget,beats logic how a contractor finished, got paid and left without fixing the lights. Could it be that he was never paid for the lighting? We need to know the truth here.

It is claimed by the ministry through Ambassador Amina that they kitted harambee stars and starlets. This is a lie as FKF has stated categorically that they never received any kitting from the ministry. We need to know which harambee stars and starlets did they kit and the truth on how much this ghost kitting costed.

The truth is 23b Kenya shillings had been used for stadia constructions. But of even more truth is that Kenya has no Caf/FIFA approved stadia.

Could this be the reason the ministry is looking to have Kenya banned by Fifa to spare themselves the 23b embarrassment of seeing harambee stars and starlets play their home matches in Uganda or Somalia.

It is true that 350m was used to put up Jomo Kenyatta international stadium in Kisumu. The 350m truth is that that stadium as at the time of writing this article cannot even host a match between Equity FC and Gor mahia youth. (That’s a division 1 match)

The truth is,the Ministry has no Fifa backing in their monkey audit business, and it is an Okudo LIE that they had gotten a green light from the world body to go ahead with the 244m audit
of the 2019 Afcon expenditure