Three Winners Strike Betika 15 Million Midweek Jackpot

Three Winners Strike Betika 15 Million Midweek Jackpot

Nairobi, Kenya 7 th February 2023… Valentine has come early as the “Month of Love” begins in style for three Betika customers taking home 15 Million Kenya Shillings.

This week’s Betika 15 Million Midweek Jackpot saw three winners who all predicted 15 out of 15 games correctly to bag the top prize money at stake.

The winners, Paul Mbatha Nyamu (31), Nyabicha Valentines Ondieki (53) and Valentines Kagendo Mamati (25) each takes home 5 Million Kenya Shillings subject to tax.  

Mr. Paul Mbatha lives in Nairobi and works as a long-distance truck driver plying Mombasa, Uganda and South Sudan regions. He is an Arsenal fan and enjoys playing the Betika Jackpots.

The Midweek Jackpot is his favourite and has on several occasions won him a bonus with the highest amount being Kshs. 120,000. When he placed the bet on this jackpot, he was aiming for a bonus win of either 12/15 or 13/15 correct predictions. Paul hopes to finish building his mom a house and buy a piece of land with the Kshs. 5 Million win. “Niko na projects nilikua nimeanza home, at least sai naeza zikamilisha and also build a house for my mom, na nishike ka shamba kidogo pale ocha.”

He said Mr. Nyambicha Valentines, hailing from Nyamira, is a small-scale farmer with three children. He breaks down knowing that he will no longer have money problems, at least for now. Valentines recounts the many times he has played the jackpot and has not won any significant amount. He now hopes to build a decent house for his family and to educate his young children.

He also hopes to purchase a small piece of land and expand to large scale farming. “Kitu ya kwanza kabisa kabisa ni kuweka ka nyumba, na ingine ni kushughulikia madada zangu wako secondary ili wamalize shule, halafu ninunue shamba ndio niongeze ukulima” Nyabicha narrates on his immediate plan. He plays a lot during weekends spending at least Sh. 100 on sportsbook.  

Ms. Chrsitine Kagendo, 25, lives in Mombasa and is a mitumba seller. Christine is the first born and the bread winner of her five siblings. She is a Chelsea fan and hopes her team qualifies for the Uefa Champions league.

This win came at the right time for her as the dad is due for an operation and she is hopeful that he will be able to receive decent medical attention after her huge win. She also hopes to expand her business and build a two-bedroom house for her family. 

Speaking during the cheque handover, Betika’s senior product manager Mr Kent Kagicha expressed his delight to the winners. “As Betika, we are happy that the cash won by our customers will go along way to make a difference in their lives.

Listening to the stories of Mr. Paul, Mr Nyabicha and Ms Christine, we are convinced that we have touched someone’s life, and we hope the money changes their lives for the better.”

He further added, “As we continue to celebrate todays win, we strongly encourage all our customers to engage in responsible gaming as they continue betting on the sports that they love, and should they require help on responsible gaming, we have a toll-free guidance and counselling service that is available to them on 0800-724835.”  

Besides the KES. 15Million, this jackpot has other amazing bonuses from 12/15 – 14/17 slots. We also have a mega jackpot whose price stands at KES 200 million previously won by Eli Kipruto, with just a stake of Sh. 49. Bonuses are also available for 0/17 and free bet for 11/17 correct predictions and also 12/17 – 16/17 Correct predictions. Take your chance today with Betika!